Bridal Style: Wedding Dress Shopping Do’s and Don’ts

A wedding is one of the most important events for any woman across the world. It’s the culmination of an important relationship after potentially many years of anticipation. You’ve probably pictured yourself walking down the aisle since you were young, and now that the day is near, you want to look your best.

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While you can theme the wedding however you and your partner would like, what matters more is choosing a dress that not only looks beautiful but also has quality put into it. For those who feel confused or overwhelmed by browsing through the multitude of styles and assortment of wedding dress, here are some do’s and don’ts you should follow when you’re shopping:


Go to Wedding Dress Specialty Shops

While you might have a small group of local dress shops in mind, this is the time to expand your horizons. Don’t try to pass off a dress that’s not specifically intended for weddings on your big day. Some local stores probably won’t have huge selection of wedding dress styles available, so it’s best to find shops that specialize in gowns made how you envision them. These specialty stores are usually found in larger cities or malls. If you want, you can also search for wedding dress stores online so you won’t have to be limited looking for the perfect wedding dress based on where you live.

Check Over Different Sizes

You’ll never know how well a dress will fit on you unless you’re trying out ones with slightly different sizes. While your clothes may fit you just fine with the size you usually use, a wedding dress may require a different size as its fitting requirements could work differently from that of regular clothing. Be sure that your wedding dress options are just as comfortable as they are attractive. Some wedding dresses could look gorgeous yet may be so uncomfortable that it’s not worth it.

Buy a Quality Dress

Everyone loves the adventure of finding a good bargain these days. Does this mean you should do the same with a wedding dress? While there are many great dresses on sale, they usually come with a drawback, whether it’s out of season, an awkward color, or the wrong fit. As hard as it could be to stomach paying a higher price for a dress, it’s best to use your full budget. You’ll generally get better quality, fresher styles, and nicer fabrics. To combat paying a higher price tag, you can use membership points or gift cards to get a better deal, though you shouldn’t always wait for a special sale to pop up when your wedding’s close.


Shop at the Last Minute

Procrastination is never a good thing, especially when deadlines are near. This doesn’t always happen to brides and grooms, but searching for a wedding dress should be a high priority when the event’s date comes closer. Sure, it can be unpleasant when you have to go through different dresses to put on, especially if your progress seems to go nowhere. Still, it’s easier to devote time to searching for a dress without having to be buried under multiple errands. However long you want to spend searching for a wedding dress, don’t wait until the wedding’s super close, and don’t even think of rushing your way through the shops when there are only a few days left.

Changing Up Your Wedding Dress

They say that less is more, which can also apply to wedding dresses in some ways. It’s perfectly fine to change up the looks of a simple dress with extra decorations. Still, there are instances where the twists can go a little farther than they need to be — for example, wearing symbols that either clash with the aesthetics of a marriage or look inappropriate would be best to avoid. Additionally, make sure that your dress doesn’t have too much added onto it, especially if you want to avoid getting comparisons with the more ridiculous outfits of many celebrities. The beauty of a wedding dress is probably best left alone, so it’s best not to change it up too much when there’s nothing that looks wrong.

Rely on Hand-me-downs, Renting, or Borrowing from a Friend

Let’s get the first part of this “don’t” out of the way. A hand-me-down could only be recommended if it’s part of family heritage or as a gift that your mother would give you to continue growing your family’s legacy. Otherwise, avoid asking your mother or relatives if you can use their old, possibly unpreserved wedding dress. Renting a wedding dress may seem like a good idea, though you might have to pay more if it gets stained or suffers any rips. It’s best to buy a wedding dress to avoid worrying about any damage. You’ve already got so much on your mind. Finally, borrowing a wedding dress is another idea that sounds convincing on paper but not in its execution. Your friend’s wedding dress may not be your size, or its look may not be what you’re going for. Plus, everyone wants their own big day to have a unique style.

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