Academy Awards 2014 Fashion: Old Hollywood and Inspiration

Last night was a beautiful moment for celebrities, stylist, and designers. We all felt the magic of Old Hollywood when Lupita Nyong’o wore a stunning blue gown and loved seeing Kate Hudson’s side swept hair.

And it was not only a stunning night for fashion but a time of inspiration when Lupita stated, ” No matter where you are from…your dreams are valid!”

Enjoy photo recaps from The Academy Awards 2014 (Oscars) below:


Beauty Box 5 February Subscription and Fun Products

My monthly subscription from Beauty Box 5 arrived and I was pleased to receive all of the goodies in this month’s box.

The company sent over Every Beauty Makeup Remover Pads, Rockstar Nail Polish, Elizabeth Mott Mascara, H20 Plus Spa Hand & Nail Cream, and John Frieda Shampoo/Conditioner.

I was super excited to use the Elizabeth Mott Mascara because I actually needed to purchase a new tube, so my subscription box came right on time. And the product lived up to my expectation: no clumps, goes on smooth, and wears well through out the day.

The Rockstar Nail Polish was actually one of the first items that caught my attention due to my love of the color pink…the nail sprinkles and I am excited to have my “caviar” nails done!

And of course, I welcome receiving any new hand cream because there’s so much dry air this season. To sum it up, I am enjoying my subscription and will post an updated photo of the nail polish once I have my weekly manicure.



Brandy Norwood: Photo of The Day


Style + Life + Fashion's Photo of The Day goes to Brandy Norwood. This songstress and actress received the NAACP Award for Supporting Actress in A Comedy Series.

Brandy looked very chic wearing a heart shaped, cutout dress along with an inverted bob. She's been a fan of ours for years and her style last night set her apart from the rest. And we can't forget about that nude lipstick: gorgeous!


Beauty Box 5: Beauty Sampling Program, Regimen, and Products Review

Beauty Box 5 is a beauty sampling program where subscribers receive new products in the mail on a monthly basis.  Luckliy, I participate in one of their blogger programs and to my excitement received my first “beauty box” two weeks ago.  Of course, when you receive the products in the mail, you are eager to see if they work with your individual regimen.

In my first subscription box, I was given Aveeno Positively Nourishing Body Wash, Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Cooling Face Mask, Secret Clinical Strenght Antiperspirant & Deodorant, Body Drench Lip Drench, and Bellapierre Cosmetics Shimmer Powder.  Honestly, I have to admit that I love all of the products (and not saying this because I am affiliated with their program!)


Beauty Box 5 does not send (only) a box of cosmetics but practical products that we want to purchase from our local drug store but not sure if we will like the actual product.

For example, we are now in the winter months and my lips are dry.  I was able to use the Body Drench Lip Drench daily to keep my lips moisturized.  The Aveeno Calming Body Wash is gentle on my skin because (again) we have harsh weather but I also suffer from eczema and having a reliable body wash is a plus for me.

And how many times have we wanted to change our deodorant but hesitant because we’re not sure if it will work with our body chemistry.  I received Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant & Deodorant with my box and it was not the size of an ordinary sample.  This was a decent size product and smells really great as well.

If you’re searching for an affordable beauty program with a variety of products, I suggest subscribing to Beauty Box 5 and start changing your beauty regimen with better products.


DIY Makeup Infographic by SimplyBridal

Take a look at this week’s infographic which is a little guide for DIY Bridal Makeup!  You will see ideas from the smokey eye, scarlet lips, and pink cheeks.

The infographic will also help you achieve an effortless, bridal look.  Special thanks to SimplyBridal for sharing this “must have” chart of ideas.


Makeup Organization Tools: Quick Video

I received my acrylic makeup box in the mail and instantly wanted to share my excitement with readers.


I am passionate about this product because it’s sturdy, holds the majority of my cosmetics, and I can see all of the products that are inside!


It’s the perfect compliment to my rotating desk organizer which I shared on Instagram.  Stop for a few minutes and enjoy the video which discusses a few of my makeup organization tools.

[youtube height=”” width=””]–Y[/youtube]

LORAC’s Rockin Red Hot Holiday Collection

This holiday season, celebrate in style with LORAC Cosmetics, created by Celebrity Makeup Artist and founder Carol Shaw! LORAC’s Rockin’ Red Hot Holiday Collection has something for every beauty maven on your list. Best of all, LORAC is offering unbelievable value sets for ULTA and Sephora of their beloved PRO Palette Collection exclusively in celebration of the holidays!

Other great gifts include the Rockin’ Red Hot Mini Glosses To Go – 6 coveted shades packed with antioxidants and Vitamins A, C, & E and Rockin’ Red Hot Lashes, an eye lash curler and PRO Mascara set to help achieve more enviable lashes.



VMA’s 2013 Fashionable Moments: The Editor’s Likes and Issues…Let’s Talk About It!

The Video Music Awards is one of the most fashionable moments where a music artist can shine.

Celebrities can push the limits while introducing a new trend or bring back a touch of “rock and roll” glamour.

And then there’s the select few that leave us confused and wondering what happened to their look.  Needless to say, no matter how it’s addressed, fashion’s a huge component of the VMA’s and it’s always fun to recap the selections that we saw (on our television screens.)

Photos below are from Elle Magazine.



My Like: The dress is very couture and her body looks great!  The bead work mixed with orstrich feathers looks amazing.  My Issue: This is very similiar to a look  we have seen at another event.


Miley Cyrus

My Like: The beading stitched on the top and leggings looks gorgeous.  My Issue: I am not sure what’s going on with her hairstyle (looks very pre – k) and maybe a pair of stilletos would’ve pulled this look together.


Taylor Swift

My Like: Taylor looks very grown up and elegant. My Issue: This entire look would be great for the Oscars. She could’ve pushed the limits a bit more.


Ellie Goulding
My Like: She did it just right! The spikes on her dress add a touch of rock and roll also her nude pumps are the exact shade of her dress which elongates her torso. My Issue: I don’t have any issues with this look!


Rita Ora

My Like: The tail on this dress is very eye catching with orstrich feathers and a beautiful shade of blue.  The bodice also stands out because it’s completely beaded with a plunging neckline.  My Issue: This hairstyle has been seen on another artist (smile.)


Selena Gomez

My Like: She did it just right! Her hair style and dress fit looks perfect. And I like the trend of wearing a hint of lingerie.  My Issue: I don’t have any issues with this look!


Joan Smalls
My Like: The chanel boots look great with her legs and skirt length.  My Issue: This look is a bit premature for the celebrity.


Lady Gaga
My Like: This is a very cohesive look. She gave us the exact amount of “goth” with a hint of feminity with an oversized bow and heart shape neckline.  My Issue: I don’t have any issues with this look!


Jennifer Hudson
My Like: The houndstooth print (which I think is also leather) coordinates well with her skirt and pumps.  My Issue: I don’t have any issues with this look!

For more VMA’s photos, visit Elle Opinions are welcomed; you can post below (smile.)

Wearing my TWO 7 SEL Tshirt and Supporting the Speed Hustle Brand

Two months ago I received a tshirt from my cousin in law’s (Chico) entertainment brand Speed Hustle.  The shirts from his brand are edgey and speak directly to the hearts of all that are on their “daily hustle.”

The phrase “being on your daily hustle” can refer to anyone who’s motivated and inspired by what they do professionally. From a sales associate working in a local retail store or CEO of a technology company, we are all on our Speed Hustle.

I decided to style my TWO 7 SEL (which is a representation of Selma, Alabama) tshirt with a pair of thrifted denim shorts, fishnet tights, and black lace – up booties.  The make up for this photo was a smokey eye and black cherry lipstick.  This was a fun look for me and look forward to more tshirt designs from his brand.


Product Review: Virginn Pure Mineral Makeup

Last week I received a package in the mail from Tonja, the CEO of Virginn Pure Mineral Makeup.  Of course, I was super excited to test out the products because I love makeup. But most importantly, this line of cosmetics is considered to be a mineral product.

For those that are not savvy about the use of mineral based makeup, the Virginn Pure Mineral Makeup line’s considered to, “give skin a natural glow and feel as if you have nothing on.”  According to sources, mineral makeup is also helpful for women with sensitive skin and need assistance covering blemishes.


Many people are not aware that I suffer from having eczema (all over.)  Having this skin care issue is my driving force behind developing a regiman and wearing the proper makeup for my skin type (to protect my skin from environmental debris.)  That purpose alone is a positive incentive for anyone to test out this brand.

Upon opening the package, I received several makeup brushes, shimmering bronzer, and foundation.  And  I have to agree that this product did indeed live up to it’s testimony! When applying the foundation and bronzer, I only needed to use a small amount of each product.  The makeup brushes felt wonderful and my face looked great throughout the remainder of the evening.


To place an order with Virginn Pure Mineral Makeup, click on the link and see photos (of me) below!

photo (20)

photo (17)

photo (18)