{REPOST} Dressing for a Fashion Event 101

To support the fashion industry in the state of Maryland, I will be attending Baltimore Fashion Week 2012. Although it’s exciting to see what each designer has to offer, there’s always a question of, “What should I wear to a fashion show or how should I dress?”

Whether it’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week or you’re attending Fashion’s Night Out, most participants want to look sleek, chic, and pulled together.   And it doesn’t hurt to try a new trend or wear something that’s created by the designer.

But, if you want to make a statement, keep in mind (when shopping) what’s your personal style.  Below I have created some style inspiration for attending a fashion event!

 Dressing For A Fashion Event 101:

1.   Support the Designer (if you can) and wear something from a previous collection.

2.  Seek to look casual and chic.  For example, wear a pair of well fit slacks and blazer; a sheath dress with pumps; or jumpsuit with bold accessories.

3.  Take into consideration the time and season of the event. Most shows happen early fall, mid winter, and early spring.

4.  Carry an oversized bag or clutch for your camera, notebook, e tablet, or any other important accessories.

5.  If you’re walking to a variety of shows, parties, or boutiques keep a pair of flats in your purse.  Nothing is worth having foot pain at the end of the night!





The Show #1

Sequin top
$31 – newlook.com

H m blazer
$47 – hm.com

Valentino tech accessory
$610 – colette.fr


The Show #2

Talbot Runhof classic black dress
$2,590 – veryeickhoff.com

Stacking bangle
$18 – diva.net.au

Ellis Faas lip makeup
$35 – liberty.co.uk

The Show #3



The Editor’s Look for BFW 2012


Dress: bebe| Speedy Damier Handbag and Charm: Louis Vuitton | Shoes: bebe

also visit: Pinterest.com

Weddings: What Should I Wear?

With so many weddings approaching, women everywhere are asking themselves, “what should I wear to this wedding?”  And this is a common question because you want to look elegant without appearing as if you’re apart of the bridal party.  Clearly, there is a fine line between wearing a cocktail dress and a sequin gown.

But most importantly, you also want to follow those “timeless” guidelines such as not wearing white (obviously the conservative bride will wear white) and don’t wear black (if it’s not a request from the bride and groom.)

Lastly, one must also take into consideration the time of the day when searching for attire.  Short dresses can be worn for informal/semi formal daytime weddings.  But if the wedding is in the evening, generally it’s considered formal, as well as black tie or even white tie, long dress can be worn with extra glamorous accessories.

Either way, finding something to wear to a wedding can be lots of fun and a great excuse to dress up!




Wedding Bliss Part 1

Warehouse summer mini dress
$81 – johnlewis.com

Lipsy metallic sandals
$51 – lipsy.co.uk


Wedding Bliss Part 2


Wedding Bliss Part 3

AX Paris party dress
$47 – axparis.co.uk

Yves saint laurent lipstick


Happily Ever After Shoes

Platform shoes

Wide shoes
$34 – clothingattesco.com

L.K.Bennett strappy sandals
$195 – lkbennett.com