Makeup Organization Tools: Quick Video

I received my acrylic makeup box in the mail and instantly wanted to share my excitement with readers.


I am passionate about this product because it’s sturdy, holds the majority of my cosmetics, and I can see all of the products that are inside!


It’s the perfect compliment to my rotating desk organizer which I shared on Instagram.  Stop for a few minutes and enjoy the video which discusses a few of my makeup organization tools.

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LORAC’s Rockin Red Hot Holiday Collection

This holiday season, celebrate in style with LORAC Cosmetics, created by Celebrity Makeup Artist and founder Carol Shaw! LORAC’s Rockin’ Red Hot Holiday Collection has something for every beauty maven on your list. Best of all, LORAC is offering unbelievable value sets for ULTA and Sephora of their beloved PRO Palette Collection exclusively in celebration of the holidays!

Other great gifts include the Rockin’ Red Hot Mini Glosses To Go – 6 coveted shades packed with antioxidants and Vitamins A, C, & E and Rockin’ Red Hot Lashes, an eye lash curler and PRO Mascara set to help achieve more enviable lashes.



Summer Beauty Trick: How to Wear A Nude Lipstick

Wearing nude lipstick this summer is fun, sexy, and very sophisticated.  And I love wearing a nude lipstick because this color practically goes with any dress for any occassion.  But there’s a fine line between wearing a neutral lip color and appearing to have just “rolled” out of the bed.

When trying to achieve a neutral look this does not mean simply wearing clear lip gloss (and nothing else.)  This effortless look still requires make up application with the selection of the right products.  Lucky for us we have tips on how to wear a nude lipstick!


 How To Wear a Nude Lipstick

  • Select a color that matches your skintone; the color should be at least two shades between your natural skin complexion.
  • Fair skintones should purchase lipsticks in a pink nude; Brown skintones should purchase lipsticks in a beige nude.
  • Use a neutral lip liner to help lipstick last longer.
  • Don’t forget to play up the eyes with dramatic eye shadow, mascara, and liquid liner.
  • Add bronzer to the cheeks for a beautiful summer glow! 





Beauty Haul and Video: Wet n Wild and Revlon Cosmetics

Hello ladies, I am back again with another great product review for Wet n Wild and Revlon Cosmetics.

I am excited to share my review (opinion) about the following products because I haven’t purchased Wet n Wild lipsticks (and Revlon products) in a very long time.  I was pleasantly surprised with the use of each product and wanted to share with my readers.

I also hope that you like the “snapback” compliments of my hubby, especially since it’s Orioles (baseball) season.

Wet n Wild and Revlon Cosmetics Beauty Haul




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MAC Cosmetics: It’s All About Orange

According to Elle Magazine, it’s time to put away that red lipstick!  MAC Cosmetics has debuted their latest collection titled, “It’s All About Orange.

We all know tht make up changes with every season and it’s fun to experiment with a new shade.  And from the way it looks, MAC has provided us with a variety of “hues” from the color orange.



The collection will be available for purchase on June 6, 2013 and will include 18 face, lip, and nail products.  Stay on the look out for it glamazons and how can we forget about the additional Rihanna Summer Collection…


Taking a quick Instagram picture (last winter) wearing MAC’s Ampliefied Exhibitionist

Spring Beauty Products Review: The Editor’s Video

As we move forward with the Spring season, I wanted to share a few of the beauty products that I am currently using.  The products discussed in this video can be purchased at any local Sephora or department store.

Below (in the video) I am sharing are Buxom Lipstick, Smashbox Brow Kit, MAC Studio Fix (SPF 15) Foundation, and Very Hollywood (perfume) by Michael Kors.


I hope that this vidoe will serve as a useful tool to help “stylistas” in their quest to stay beautiful.  Enjoy ladies…

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Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez – Duplessis

Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is a New York and Connecticut Makeup Artist. Brandy, a native New Yorker, has worked at Estee Lauder in New York, the first M.A.C. Cosmetics counter at Saks Fifth Avenue in New Orleans, and owned and operated her own makeup boutique BGD Beauty Bar in New Orleans.

In demand as a freelance makeup artist, Gomez-Duplessis relocated back to New York and this is where this fashion forward maven began to craft her brand. As a New York Makeup Artist, Brandy Gomez- Duplessis is always moving between celebrity clients, red carpet events, fashion shows, and various makeup assignments.

Gomez-Duplessis has worked with: Kerry Washington, Golden Globe & Oscar winner Melissa Leo, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, Paul Rudd, Kim Kardashian, Malin Ackerman, Angela Bassett, Khloè Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Jordin Sparks, Reggie Bush, Chris Paul, and Usher. 

Additional Credentials: The View TV Show December 2012 Key Artist for Sherri Shepard Wig Segment L’OREAL Paris “Women Of Worth Awards” December 2012 Beauty makeup on honorees L’OREAL Paris USA November 2012 Glam Holiday Makeup Magaschoni Showroom November 2012 Beauty Makeup MTV 10 On Top Fashion Special November 2012 Key Makeup Artist Stila Cosmetics November 2012 Winter Makeup Looks L’OREAL Paris USA November 2012 Glamour Magazine #WOTY Awards Imagine Dragon Music Video November 2012 Key Makeup Artist Stila Cosmetics October 2012 Fall Makeup Looks 

The Fly Cut October 2012 Beauty makeup on guest L’OREAL Paris Project Runway Collection Party October 2012 Beauty makeup on guest L’OREAL Paris Product Launch September 2012 Makeup on L’OREAL Executives Cesar Galindo Fashion Show September 2012 Beauty makeup on models Project Runway Finale September 2012 Beauty makeup on models Limelight Shops Fashion Night Out September 2012 Special Guest Makeup Artist did beauty makeup on guest 

To learn more about the artist click on the following links: BGD Makeup Artistry, Brandy Gomez – Duplessis Portfolio, Inside The Life of a Glam Makeup Artist, and IMDb


Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis in Ebony Magazine September 2012 issue Beauty Awards (4)


new orleans bride magazine jan 2012
Celebrity Stylist and Coldwater Creek Style Consultant Cristina Ehrlich Visits the Manhattan Store

Unusual Beauty Secrets from Celebrities: Guest Post from Isabella Franklin

Contrary to popular belief, most celebs don’t wake up looking good. They spend a lot of time and money on their appearance – but what are their most unusual beauty secrets? Let’s find out.

Placenta facials

Believe it or not, the rich and famous are opting for placenta facials in a bid to reduce ageing. That’s right, the afterbirth of lambs, pigs, cows and even human beings is thought to stimulate collagen levels and this is proving popular in Tinseltown. Eva Longoria is said to be a fan, as is Katie Holmes – but would you give this off-the-wall product a go?

Peppermint oil

Ever wondered how Mariah Carey maintains her looks? Well, it’s believed she uses peppermint oil to plump up her lips. This sweet smelling product – which is extracted form a plant indigenous to Europe – has been shown to stimulate blood flow and can be added to lip creams and glosses.

Olive oil

Olive oil has been used for centuries to moisturise and refresh the skin, so it seems Julia Roberts has caught wind of this trick. The Pretty Woman star uses this ‘liquid gold’ (so named by the poet Homer) to improve the condition of her skin and also applies it to her cuticles and nails. Olive oil can be bought for most supermarkets and lasts for a very long time (if used sparingly), so it’s worth giving this a go.



Hemorrhoid cream

According to Glamour Magazine, Sandra Bullock uses haemorrhoid cream underneath her eyes to reduce lines and wrinkles. This might sound strange, but the active ingredient in the cream is believed to temporarily tighten the skin – so she could be onto something. Sure, the effects ware off after some time, but at least she can look her best while filming.


Let’s face it; Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her hair, teeth and skin look perfect, but how does she do it? Well, if reports are to be believed, she relies on coffee granules to get rid of her cellulite. Of course, liposuction is available at clinics across the UK – but this is a great alternative is you’re scared of surgery.

Surgical and non-surgical procedures are the norm these days, but celebrities still manage to surprise us with their beauty regimes.

To read more about celebrity unusual beauty secrets, click on the link and learn about Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial:

Make Me Over Social hosted by Fashionably Chic Tours

Violesia Tull, from Fashionably Chic Tours hosted a beauty event titled, “Make Me Over Social.”  The event took place at Saks Fifth Avenue located in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

During the event participants had the opportunity to receive make overs from Dior Cosmeticsindulge in spa facials, and enjoy lite hors d’ oeuvres.

In addition, National Makeup Artist Jelena Marjanovie was present for the event while showing participants makeup techniques and new colors from the Dior brand.

This was a lovely event and of course I enjoyed visiting Saks Fifth Avenue.  Violesia was a great host and I look forward to attending the next event by Fashionably Chic Tours.

The Make Me Over Social




The host posing for a quick picture

Dior Cosmetics Manager and Violesia

Learning a new skincare regimen 

Make Up Artist Jelena Marjanovie

Smiling and ready to learn beauty techniques from Dior

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2012 Collection and Ways to Make Your Eye Color Pop by Danielle Ward

Enjoy photos from the MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2012 Collection

The eyes are one of the first things that people will notice when they look at your face, so it is important to play them up. They can tell a lot about you and can be as mysterious or as alluring as you make them. Whether you have blue, brown, green or hazel eyes, your eye color doesn’t have to be dull. Play up your eyes and make them pop with these techniques.

Eye shadow

The use of eye shadow is one of the easiest ways to create dramatic and attention getting eyes. There are hundreds of shades to choose from so the best way to determine which colors will look the best with your skin tone and eye color is by using a color wheel. Although most people assume their eyes are basically one color, they are actually a mixture of various colors and a color wheel will help you find the most optimum colors for your eyes. For example, if you have brown eyes with green tones, you will be able to wear colors that compliment both browns and greens. To use a color wheel, simply find the colors of your eyes and follow the complimenting colors or for a dramatic look, use the contrasting colors.





Eyeliner is a fun way to make your eyes stand out, because you can experiment with different colors and different application techniques. If you want to give your eyes a subtle, sophisticated look use brown eyeliner or for more dramatic, attention grabbing eyes choose a heavy black. To use eyeliner for creating a subtle and sophisticated look, apply a thin line along the lower rim of your eyes and a fine line just above the upper eyelashes. To create a dramatic effect, make a slightly thicker line just above the upper eyelashes and a thinner line just below the bottom eyelashes. To get the smokey eyed look, use black eyeliner above the upper eyelashes, smudge it slightly and apply eye shadow in a mixture or grays or browns and blend with a large eye shadow brush. If you have deep set eyes and want them to appear larger, on the inside of the bottom rim of your eye, apply white liner and a thin line of soft black or brown just under the bottom eyelashes. Colored eyeliner can be used when you want to create a fun, dramatic effect.


Mascara is the perfect finishing touch to making your eyes appear polished, bright and alluring. Mascara comes in a variety of choices; however, any type you choose will thicken the lashes and help to frame your eyes. Brown mascara will give your eyelashes a more natural color, while black mascara will frame the eyes better and help you make a statement with your eyes. To apply mascara and avoid clumping, hold the wand or the brush just below the upper eyelashes, look upward and slowly blink to allow the color glide onto the eyelashes. If you prefer more than one coat, let the first coat dry before applying a second coat. For all day results, use waterproof mascara to prevent smudging and running.





Using an eyelash curler before applying mascara will make your eyelashes appear fuller and frame your eyes making them look bigger and brighter. If you are new to using eye makeup and have no idea which brand of makeup will work the best for you, use an online service like coupons to save money while you are experimenting with colors and brands. Keep in mind when you are applying eye makeup that the goal is to make the color of your eyes pop and look natural, so avoid applying thick layers of color and blend well using a large eye shadow brush.







This article is written by contributing {guest} writer

Danielle Ward 

Danielle Ward is a personal shopping assistant for busy executives and high profile clients. He enjoys hunting down bargains and sharing him insights on shopping sites.






MAC Cosmetics will launch Grey Friday, a lipstick and nail polish duo (black-grey with a silver shimmer) the day after Thanksgiving aka “Black Friday.”