Lunch, Brunch and Life In Between

Below are quick snippets of my life over the past few weeks!  Always busy, always fashionable!


Strolling through The Mall of Columbia and stopped by Lush Cosmetics Store; they have some really cool products



 Heading to a Sorority Luncheon…AKA the Only Way

Mixing two foundations to get the correct shade 



 Watching Youtube, learning how to Contour my make up (or at least trying)



 Having a Grande Mimosa at Eggspecation in Columbia



The Chesapeake Omelet



Chatting and having lunch with fellow blogger Teena from Fashion for Breakfast 



  1. Teena Leone

    Love the makeup looks girlie! And brunch was so good! Enjoyed chatting with you. Lets chat soon! xo

  2. Kimmie

    Thanks lady! I will be “brunching” there at least once a month, especially since I live so close. And yes, same here! I’m planning to contact you about something in the works (regarding my email.) Give me a few days! {wink}