Homebound Survival Tips: Snakeskin Trendy Accessories #WIW or #OOTD

The last few weeks have been interesting.  Our nation was called to a state of an emergency due to the Coronavirus.  None of us anticipated being in our homes 24 Hours straight; let alone unable to shop for ordinary household items.

This has definitely a time period to reflect upon your priorities and not take simple things for granted.

How are we all surviving?  Some of us are keeping a positive mindset while others are missing the days of careless walks down the street.

Either way, there are moments in our life when we may have to stay home for extended periods of time.

When you have a baby, the doctor might prescribe being home consistently for a week.  When we’re suffering from an illness, depending on the severity, there could be much-needed time at home.

Take a look at the tips for surviving the highs and lows of being homebound.  If you can think of anything else, please share it with this site.

Homebound Survival Tips:

  1. Order groceries online from stores such as Amazon, Aldi, or Publix.
  2. Create menus for your family.  The reality is that we have to eat!
  3. Schedule time periods to watch the news; either morning or night.
  4. Video chat, text, or start a group communication channel.
  5. Gift little kids’ toys during peak time periods when they may become restless.
  6. Cut-back on normal portion sizes on items.  For example, if you would normally use 2 tbsp of coffee grinds use 1 tbsp.
  7. Find unconventional ways to use items.  An egg carton could hold craft paint or beads.
  8. Read inspirational books and incorporate prayer into your daily routine.
What I Wore or Outfit of The Day

In the photo below, I’m returning to my desk after a meeting.  This was taken weeks before we were quarantined to be in our homes!

I want to encourage fashionista’s to mix trendy accessories with your classic wardrobe.  This is a simple way to refresh your outfits and get a new look!

Snakeskin Booties:  JCPenney | Belt:  Express | Blazer:  H&M



H&M Studio is thrilled to unveil the campaign for it’s A/W 19 collection, “Magical Realism”, infused with a dramatic mood of feminine spirituality.

Photographed by Christian MacDonald, styled by Ludivine Poiblanc, who also consulted on the collection, and modeled by Adut Akech in the endlessly energizing streets of New York, the collection comprises an arresting combination of sharp tailoring, silken dresses, and heritage knitwear.

The collection will be available at hm.com and in selected stores from September 5.



AUGUST FAB FINDS CHECKLIST: Hair Clips, Denim Jumpsuit, Satin Skirt, and Leopard Accessories

August is the last official month for the summer but that doesn’t mean the hottest trends are ending.  The photos below are items that stand out and definitely eye-catching.

Enjoy shopping and don’t forget to put the upcoming Labor Day sales on your calendar!

Leopard Accessories



Denim Jumpsuit




Hair Clips




Satin Skirt




Double Breasted Blazer



Spring 2019 Style Report: 15 Trends For The Everyday Wardrobe

The sun is out and birds are chirping!  That means it’s time to transition our wardrobe for Spring.  Put the cable sweaters away and take out your favorite sandals.  Some would argue that trends are not authentic but they help to refresh your closet.

Below are some of the standout trends for Spring 2019.  I wanted to share items that are easy to incorporate in anyone’s wardrobe.

One suggestion is to purchase items at a reasonable price.  You do not want to buy pricey pieces that may not be worn the following year.  Also, you don’t have to check-off on every style trend but select your top five favorites and enjoy dressing up every day!

Some of the stores highlighted range in sizes which are very important.  When shopping for your favorite piece, you don’t want to get frustrated due to sizes and lengths.

A few reasonably priced stores with sizes 0-22 are Loft, H&M, New York and Company, Nordstrom Rack, and Macy’s.  Additional stores for discount shopping include Marshalls and Burlington.

Happy Shopping!

Spring 2019 Style Report:


  • Shirt Dresses
  • Vests
  • Bows:  Tops, Dresses, Footwear



Need assistance with your clothing or personal shopper?  Contact Kimberly West Styling consulting agency.

Party Like It’s 2019: #NYE Affordable Fashion From H&M

H&M is a great shopping destination for chic affordable clothing.  If you need a last-minute outfit, they’re the perfect stop!  They have everything from stackable rings to nail polish.

A lot of women over the age of twenty will second-guess the store and you shouldn’t.  H&M has a range of sizes (plus size/maternity) and diverse style options.

It’s the hidden store when you want an inexpensive reversible shopper for work, or you booked a cruise but your budget calls for a thirty dollar swimsuit.

The store runs several campaigns to guide your shopping needs.


How To Upgrade Your Style With Five Easy Ways

With busy schedules and an endless list of things to do, it can be all too easy to find yourself wearing the same old outfits every day and forgetting to be experimental with your style. Thinking about how to do this, let alone actually trying these new things out, is put off a lot of the time as you may think it will take up too much time. To give you a helping hand, this quick guide will give you five simple ways you can shake things up that won’t take up lots of your time and will most definitely be worth all the effort. By following these tips, you will be able to look your best as soon as possible so you can begin living your best life.

Featured Photo from H&M

Bringing the glamour

One great way of upgrading your style is to invest in some gorgeous accessories that will elevate any outfit, no matter what the occasion is. Roma Designer Jewelry is a good place to start as you will be able to browse a huge range of on-trend products online on your phone or laptop anywhere, so you can make the most of your commute to and from work rather than having to put time aside especially to just go shopping. Something as simple as investing in a statement necklace with a unique design will go with lots of outfits and give you a little injection of glamour whether you are going to an important job interview where you have to dress to impress or just going out for a coffee date with the girls on the weekend and want to look your best.

Out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort one is one of the very best ways to discover a new style that you love and a great way to do this is by experimenting with fashionable hairstyles to try out. This is a great thing to do because it doesn’t require you spend lots of money or make a long-term commitment to a new look, such as changing the color of your hair.

A hairstyle that is very in at the moment is the textured low ponytail. You start to create the texture by using a curling wand and gently pulling your hair into a ponytail. Before you tie your hair back, leave a thick strand of hair loose from the ponytail and wind it around to cover the elastic hair band for a natural look that appears effortlessly professional.

A great professional look is a top knot which requires barely any effort. To create the look, start by brushing your hair smoothly into a very high ponytail, then use a hair doughnut to get instant volume and definition without having to use lots of product or heat to create the dome shape and then secure with pins.

Finally, there is the Sleek Chignon for a stylish French look. Pull your hair back into an ultra-low ponytail, sitting just above the nape of your neck. Next, take the hair and twist tightly before securing in a small spiral with bobby pins.

Striding into style

With the winter on its way, on fashion item you will need to make an investment in is a good pair of boots. The best winter boots for women will be something that is functional, comfortable, and all importantly, fashionable. Think about the outfits you like to wear and decide whether ankle, knee, or thigh high boots are right for you. For example, if you prefer to wear to dresses and skirts, then a higher boot will be the best way to keep warm, whereas if you like wearing trousers, then a sleek pair of ankle boots will do the trick with your boot cut jeans. When it comes to color, you need to make a choice between versatile, with colors such as black and brown, or statement colors like red or electric blue.

Looking good

A great accessory that is a worth the investment is a stylish pair of glasses. Even if you do not need them to read or drive, getting a non-prescription is an easy way to heighten your style and instantly make you look more intellectual. You need to really pay attention to how to choose the right glasses for you, as different styles will suit different face shapes, which is the most important factor when making your choice. If you find that you have a naturally round face, then you should try on rectangle and cat eye styles as the angular lines will contrast well with the soft lines of your face. Conversely, if you have a square face, round frames or the aviator style will work for the same reasons.

The one winter staple you can’t do without

As it is getting much colder in the coming months, there is one fashion must have you need to get and that is a gorgeous winter coat. There is lots of advice on how to choose the perfect winter coat that you can find online which is really worth reading as, when you are going to spend so much money, you need to know what you’re getting is both exactly what you want style-wise, while also offering the functional warmth you need to get to and from work. One way of ensuring your get quality is to always check the label of what the coat you want to buy to check that it is not largely made or acrylic material as this will not offer you’re the warmth or comfort that you need.

Upgrading your style doesn’t mean you have to completely throw out your wardrobe and chop all your hair off, it instead means that you take the basics and essentials of your outfits and find ways of making them more exciting. Taking a few moments every morning to add something new to an outfit or try a different hairstyle will give you the extra spring in your step you need to upgrade your style.

Collaborative Post


H&M Holiday Vibes with Nicki Minaj: A Magical Holiday Video

Featured Photo and Images from HM.com


Nicki Minaj did an interview with H&M to get everyone excited about the holiday season. According to the site, “We love the holidays, and we love Nicki Minaj. The queen of rap needs no introduction, so instead of asking a bunch of questions about her record-breaking career, awesome rapping and singing skills and big personality, we invited her to play a game of This or That – holiday edition. Why? Because who doesn’t want to know who out of Santa, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman she’d like to date, marry or make disappear forever?”

Read more about the interview and shop her looks:  Holiday Vibes & Nicki Minaj 



H&M Festive Season Collection: Embellishments and Minimalistic Accessories

If you’re the type of girl who likes cutting edge style on a budget, then H&M is the place for you.  This on-trend, chain retailer can rarely be ignored with its mixture of modern and glamorous pieces.

How many times have you walked over to those big red letters?  How many times have you asked, “Where did you get that handbag?”  Or how many times have you glanced twice at someone’s dress?  If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then you too love H&M.

The festive season collection is now available in-stores or online. From viewing the collection, one can see there’s a metallic shoulder bag, rhinestone earrings, and sweatshirt with tulle sleeves.

H&M is a top pick in general when there’s nothing to wear or when you need some style inspiration!