Alex Malay Boutique

Alex Malay Boutique is making quite the mark among leading trendsetters, and socialites. The boutique offers an array of vintage, classic, and trendy apparel for the fashionista on a budget. Founded by Rochell Perro, the purpose of the online store is to provide everyday women with high end fashion pieces that won’t break the bank.

Hip-Hop and Pop sensations Nicki Minaj was recently seen in a grey and white bodycon dress, which not only wowed her audiences but left them wanting to see more of this side of the fashion icon. Alex Malay Boutique featured a similar dress this week for a fraction of the cost and nearly sold out within days! “ I want women to feel comfortable and beautiful and the best way to do that is through fashion” says Rochell of Alex Malay Boutique. Since it’s launch last year the boutique has become the go to spot for unique and affordable, fashion forward pieces.

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