Celebrities looking Fit and Fabulous Pregnant

There’s nothing like seeing a woman “glow” and the celebs are looking fabulous pregnant!

In my opinion, being pregnant is one of the highest forms of womanhood and the women in this post are wearing “motherhood” well.

Enjoy photos of Halle Berry, Tamar Braxton, Kim Kardashian, and Marlin Akerman celebrating motherhood while (still) looking very fashionable.


Halle Berry looks stunning in this purple Roberta Cavalli gown

tamar-braxton1 (1)

 Tamar Braxton wearing a lovely white gown that drapes her silhouette

Kim Kardashian Chooses An Unflattering Dress

Kim Kardashian selected a baby doll dress to accentuate her pregnancy

*EXCLUSIVE* Heavily pregnant Malin Akerman has a Smoking Good Time at Sayers Club [NO Australia, New Zealand]

Malin Akerman chose leggings and a t shirt for a comfortable date night