How Do Celebs Always Look Their Best – Style Tips

I bet you’ve wondered how celebrities always look so great. It seems, even when they’re caught off guard, they still look amazing!  What is their secret? How do they always look absolutely stunning?  You’re about to find out…

A Personal Stylist

Believe it or not, most celebrities have personal stylists. This unique individual tells celebrities how they should dress for almost every occasion. All of their industry events have been carefully analyzed by a professional to find out what style the celeb should opt for. In most cases, this is a formal event like a movie premiere. But you’ll find some celebrities also use their stylist when shopping for clothes in New York. They know there’s a good chance they’re going to get snapped, and don’t want to look awful. This is the first hidden weapon of the celeb.

A Professional Trainer

Have you ever wondered why most celebrities look like they’ve just walked out of a shoot for men’s fitness? Even the ones who don’t always look their best can shed pounds quickly when and if they need to. It’s not steroids that make them pack on the pounds, and it sure isn’t the muscle milk you might have seen on Twitter. The answer is a few degrees simpler. It’s a professional trainer. You can think of these individuals as army generals. They scream at the recruits and tell them exactly what they need to do to look their best. Forget about the crazy diet plans. With the right professional trainer, you won’t need them.

Countless Outfits

Let’s not forget about the huge number of outfits that celebrities have stuffed into wardrobes.   They’re choosing the perfect outfit to compliment their skin tone and their body shape. They look at fashion websites for new dresses to wear and shoes to slip on. A big part of how you look is what you’re wearing.

Skin Care

This isn’t true for all celebrities. We’ve certainly seen some no makeup pics of celebs that make us shudder. But most of them practice good skin care. They can’t afford to lose the money maker too early, and they can’t rely on the wonders of plastic surgery. That’s why you’ll find a lot of celebrities invest in de-aging cream and other wondrous substances to slather on their skin. If you’ve ever wondered why some celebs aren’t aging, this is your answer. It’s not good genes. It’s all about how much you can afford to spend on beauty products.

That’s all and there’s no secret formula.  It’s about good health and having great style!


Photo:  Destination Kors

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