Choosing an Outfit That’s Timeless by Guest Contributor Mandy Parkin

The only thing that is better than an outfit that looks and feels beyond incredible is one that continues in the same vein for the years, maybe even decades to follow. What we’re talking about here is of course timelessness, which is one of the most desirable traits in all of the fashion world.

Think for a moment about the hundreds of trends and styles that have come and gone over the last 50 years of so, which in all instances have presented certain garments and outfits that never change. However, while timelessness is indeed one of the most cherished traits of any given garment, it is in fact also one that is perfectly possible to define and target with a little common sense.

So, if looking to stock up on wares that will be just as stunning and desirable in ten years as they are today, here are a few top tips for some of the UK’s premier fashion brands:

Back to Basics

First and foremost, one of the more immediately noticeable things about any timeless garments and outfits is the way in which they are so very simple and understated. Take a standard black Jones and Jones going out dress for example – this is the kind of dress that isn’t only a stunning wardrobe staple that can be used for an infinite range of scenarios, but follows the exact same guidelines as the little black dresses of 50 years ago – they really haven’t changed a bit. From simple t-shirts to plain dresses to jeans to cardigans and so on, basics are probably the best examples of timelessly elegant clothing choices that are also mercifully affordable.





Solid Colors

Pattern and prints always have and always will go in and out of fashion, but solid colors are here to stay and always have been. As such, the best advice is to go for a purposeful mix of both plain/solid colors and prints in order to ensure that at least half of your wardrobe remains timelessly elegant while your chosen prints go through the usual in-and-out cycle.

Dependable Materials

Another sticking point to work by is that of materials and this is one of the more obvious considerations. For example, there may be times during which PVC and nylon come back into fashion for a brief spell, but it will indeed be brief at best. On the other hand, simple cotton, wool and denim (within reason!) are impossible to go wrong with and chances are will never, ever look anything other than superb on anyone.





Elegance over Impact

Last but not least, if there’s one tip to offer that should be used across the board when making such decisions it is that of favouring elegance over impact. It’s really not hard to put together an outfit with a real ‘wow’ factor that turns heads, but chances are that said ‘wow’ will soon enough turn into an ‘oh dear’ when fashion trends swing, as they will. As such, favour timelessness by going for understated elegance and make an impact by proving you don’t have to show off to look stunning.

By Mandy Parkin

Mandy Parkin is a full-time hotel receptionist from Sheffield who was bitten by the fashion bug after receiving her first shipment of Jones and Jones going out dresses early last year. She has since taken to blogging and barely allows a day to go by without shouting her musings to the world.