CrossFit Comes to Ellicott City – Creates Unique Fitness Community

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – CrossFit PCR, Elliott City’s first CrossFit gym, opens the doors to its top-of-the-line facility just in time for those looking to get active in the New Year.

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What was once a 3,600 square-foot classic auto restoration business located at 9449 Baltimore National Pike, has since been transformed into a clean, open and energizing CrossFit gym that will offer a variety of daily classes taught by a team of CrossFit certified coaches. Co-Owners Bronson Dant and Jamie Reisinger began the renovations last October and the space was ready to welcome members at the end of 2014. The brightly painted walls bear the words “Pride. Community. Results.” This is at the core of what CrossFit PCR stands for, not only in its name, but in its values.

“At CrossFit PCR, we take pride in helping our members become healthier and happier,” explains Co-Owner Bronson Dant. “We’re a close-knit community that shares in each other’s struggles and triumphs. It’s this encouragement and accountability that delivers unparalleled results.”

Since 2000, CrossFit has been a rapidly growing trend that is a sport as much as it is a philosophy. Workouts incorporate elements of high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics and other exercises to offer variety and new challenges with each workout of the day (WOD).

In celebration of the opening of Ellicott City’s first CrossFit gym, those who are interested can take advantage of a free intro session and membership discounts. For more information, visit or call 240.339.3268.

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About CrossFit PCR:

CrossFit PCR is built upon pride, community and results. True to the CrossFit philosophy, our programming methodology focuses on setting goals, tracking progress and improving endurance and skill on the foundation of strength development. Our CrossFit trained and certified coaches bring with them over 12 years of experience and give members personalized attention to help them train safely while pushing themselves within their respective skill level. We are passionate about making CrossFit accessible to all athletes, from beginners to professionals through scaled variations. We take pride in cultivating a supportive and encouraging community in which we grow stronger together. Learn more about CrossFit PCR by visiting