DIY: Creating Inexpensive {Last Minute} Gift Ideas

I like to give holiday gifts to my kids teachers and special friends in the community.  Unfortunately, the budget doesn’t always allow for expensive gifts.  I would love to purchase (everyone) something special from Bloomingdales but that’s not always realistic.

Being a true southerner, I come from a family that loves arts and crafts and this time of the year inspires me to pull out the ribbon box.  I search for inexpensive gift ideas such as baked cookies, mason jar trinkets, or gift baskets.

Honestly, anyone (whether they love arts and crafts) can add a special touch to gift giving.  The trick to DIY gift ideas is figuring out what inspires you and those people in your life.

Below, you will find ideas from Pinterest that can be prepared in 10 minutes or less.

Steps for DIY Inexpensive Holiday Gifts:

1.  Create a budget for the project.

2.  Make a list of supplies.

3.  Locate your favorite craft store and ask for assistance (if that’s needed.)

4.  Set up your holiday craft station and create!