The Downy Ball – Fuzzy Sweater Solution

With dropping temperatures, puffy coats, fuzzy sweaters and warm boots become the everyday norm. But with cold weather comes dry air and much more static electricity. Tired of your hair standing on end, random shocks throughout the day and intimate articles of clothing sticking to the outside of your pants?

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The creators of the Downy Ball have come up with some static reducing tips, like tossing an aluminum foil ball into the dryer to help further reduce the static charge that clings to our clothes.


For me, Sunday’s considered to be laundry time and I am planning to pick up a Downy Ball.  My sweaters are notorious for having fuzzy balls and I couldn’t understand why until I ran across this little tool.

Downy has other products to help us in this area as well such wrinkle releaser and scent beads.  We spend so much money on our wardrobe, let’s make sure we’re caring for it in the proper manner.  Do you have any laundry tips, feel free to share them in the comments section below!