GLO GIRL Cosmetics | Summer Looks and Product Review

My favorite beauty product is a tube of lipstick.  It can refresh the face and update your overall look. Can’t afford a surgical procedure, then purchase a new lipstick! Feeling tired or under the weather? Apply a bright-colored lipstick as a mood enhancer.

GLO GIRL Cosmetics – Lipstick Shade: Happiness

Kimono from

GLO GIRL cosmetics shipped a gorgeous palette of lipsticks.  The company believes in, “Lipstick with a fierce attitude.”  Personally, that’s enough for me to wear their products!  After testing and reviewing various shades, GLO GIRL lipsticks held its color and hydrated my lips.

There was no need to use lip-gloss after application.  The gold colored tube added a touch of glamour to the product.

Photo via IG stories @kwest1908

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