Grooming Tips For Men: How To Get The Best Shave

Proper shaving techniques, high-quality products and excellent post-shaving skin care, can help make you look your best. Plus, a good shaving technique and the right care, can also help to reduce your risk of razor burn and bumps, as well as other shaving irritations.

Minimizing skin irritation effect

A clean, close shave, followed by a good facial wash and an excellent moisturiser, are necessary for achieving fantastic facial skin health.


To help you keep yourself looking good by achieving the best shave possible, we have put together some tips below:

  1. Start off with a wet beard


Before shaving, it is essential that your beard is wet. One of the key factors for a good, clean shave without getting sore skin, is making sure that your beard is as wet as possible. As your hair gets wet, it will absorb around 30% of the water on it, making it weaker and easier to cut through.


To ensure that your beard is properly wet, it might be a good idea to take a shower before you shave. Or, if this is not possible, rinse your face with warm water and then apply a warm, wet flannel to it for a couple of minutes.


Don’t be tempted to shave with dry skin, as this can cause razor burn and sore, irritated skin.


  1. Use a good shaving cream

If you are wet shaving, it is important to use a good shaving cream. Ideally, you want a shaving cream that is moisturising. The higher quality shaving creams will create a rich lather, and the beard to be as wet and soft as possible.


  1. For a wet shave, a shaving brush is essential


If you are wet shaving, one of the most important tools is a shaving brush. A shaving brush helps to lift the hair upwards so that you can get a cut as close to the base of the hair as possible; it also helps to create a creamy lather from the shaving cream.


A shaving brush is also great for removing old skin cells, reducing the chances of blemishes, bumps or skin irritation.


  1. Use a good quality razor


Ensure that you always use a quality shaver with sharp blades. You may not realise it, but when you shave you are not only cutting the hair, but also removing some of the top layers of skin at the same time. The blunter the razor is, the more damage it will do to the skin, so it is always a good idea to have a sharp razor.


Before you shave, rinse your blade under hot water and then rinse it again every few strokes. Hot water cleans the blade and gives you a closer shave.