How to Shine Like a Star!

Everyone wants to look like a celebrity! The Glamorous world of stars seems to be a dream waiting to be realized. However, we may not be real life celebrities but we could still look like one.

In our case, have to learn how to achieve a glamorous look on a limited salary.  But hope is not lost, I will be giving you a few amazing tips for you to look like your favorite celebrity without hurting your wallet! There is definitely no need for you to have a makeup team and a handful of fashion experts in order to look your best. Cut on your budget in half and still shine like a star!

  1. Make sure that you are in up-to-date with what is the frenzy now. As much as possible, keep yourself in touch with the different fads. Research on the internet if possible. However you should also keep in mind what is abreast in terms of trends in your location.
  2.  Remember , what would looks good on others may  not look good on you. Dress for your body size, personality and age! Use your assets and flaunt it!
  3. We all know that fashion trends come and go according to the fashion life cycle.  Wedges were so popular in the mid 70’s but are considered to be a hot summer trend now. And, if you are budget conscious then one of the best places that you certainly might shop your way out are the thrift stores of vintage stores.
  4. Get the perfect accessories for your looks. No matter how simple your clothes appear, with the right accessories, everything can look glam up!
  5. Lastly, purchase undergarments that fit you perfectly!  Wearing the wrong undergarment can destroy the whole outfit because it distorts your assets. Go for classic basics and you will never look bad in anything you’re wearing!

Ladies, looking like a celeb doesn’t really require thousands of dollars!  Simply try to look for some items that are tailored for you. Create that star feeling within yourself and get the latest tips on fashion trends now! Remember, be a star in your own simple ways!