Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress via VF Daily VF Daily: vanityfair.com

simply elegant!

VF Daily VF Daily: vanityfair.com

And at last, we know:

Catherine Middleton, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, wore a nip-waisted, long-sleeved dress (Grace Kelly alert!) with sheer, cream-lace arms and a V-neckline over a form-fitting bodice; on her head, she wore a slim, feminine tiara, covered with a stunning scalloped-lace-edged veil. The skirt was full with a long train, with a ruffled bustle at the train’s top—but the fullness and train-length are notably scantier than those of Diana, whose cream-puff dress notably burst forth in crinkly fashion from that carriage 30 years ago. Catherine’s earrings were dangling, diamond-encrusted drops; her hair was swept off her face, but down in the back in loose curls around her lace-covered shoulders. Her bouquet was a humble, wildflower–esque green-and-white posey, and her attendants wore the same shade of creamy white.