Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula – Product Review

Palmer’s has a new formula for skin care enthusiast!  They’ve expanded beyond the cocoa butter ingredient and infused a new product line with coconut oil.


There are so many benefits to using coconut oil such as anti-aging and anti-viral properties.  This natural ingredient smells great and works on all skin-types.  I decided to review the new Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula due to my personal use of the oil substance.  My results are below:

Product Review – 

  1. The Coconut Oil Formula smells amazing!
  2. My face, hands, legs, and feet received an instant natural glow.
  3. The texture blends nicely on the skin’s surface.  This is not a greasy substance!
  4. After application, the formula doesn’t easily stain other objects.
  5. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula gives an appearance of skin rejuvenation through the it’s natural agents.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula

The product line also come in various sizes (and quantities) which helps small skin care touch-ups.  For example, I keep the Coconut Oil Hand Cream in my purse to moisturizer the cuticles.  It’s also stated to have No Dyes, Sulfates, Mineral Oil, Parabens, and Gluten.


On a scale of one to ten, I give the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula a TEN and suggest everyone try this product for their summer beauty regimen!