Pandora Jewelry – Sentimental Style and Accessories

I’m a sentimental girl that likes to show my unique style through clothing and accessories. For me, jewelry is an extension of fashion; allowing me to be trendy or classic.  Pandora bracelets, necklaces, rings, and charms are no exception to this rule.

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Made from 14K Gold, Sterling Silver, and Precious Gemstones, Pandora provides beautiful craftsmanship in every design. I am a huge fan of their jewelry because it allows every woman to pay tribute to special moments in their life. According to the company, one can start their Pandora collection by selecting a bracelet, purchase charms that are personal to you, add clips to keep the charms in place, and use a safety chain.

I received my first Pandora bracelet as a Valentine’s Day gift from my husband. The bracelet was a Lobster Clasp with Swarovski Crystals and Pave Charms. It was unique to me because my favorite color is pink. Luckily, my second bracelet was a Barrel Clasp with Murano Glass Charms. I paired each bracelet with a Michael Kors Watch, Tracy Reese Bracelet, and Tag Heart Bracelet from Tiffany & Co.

Pandora Bracelet
Lobster Clasp Bracelet
Barrel Clasp Bracelet

From a fashion stand point, there are several ways that one can style their Pandora jewelery. Many women like to wear pieces everyday (from the office to soccer practice) and some for special occasions only.

The bracelets and rings can be stacked (worn together) or a single bracelet on each wrist. I also discovered that you can switch out the charms on each bracelet for a different look. For example, my first bracelet came with ten charms; I removed four of the charms and added them to my barrel clasp bracelet.

Pandora Spring Collection 2014 Media Preview

Pandora also run campaigns with the change of every season such as the Essence Collection or Pre Autumn Collection. This allows customers to select specific pieces to enhance their previous purchases. Lastly, to receive the quality and longevity of owning Pandora jewelry make sure you purchase from an official Pandora retailer. There are several duplicate retailers and you want to ensure that you’re purchasing the Pandora craftmanship.

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