Sasee Chic Online Boutique: Ava and Precious Earrings Product Review

Everyone has a go-to accessory!  It’s the one fashion item that completes your outfit.

My go-to accessory on any given day would be earrings.  If I moved to an island and could only take five items I would pack a t-shirt, mascara, lipstick, sneakers, and earrings.

For me, earrings complete my total look.  They’re small and dainty with a huge impact!

Ava Seed Bead Earrings


Earrings are also an affordable way to refresh my wardrobe.   Every season I try to create a capsule closet collection and one way to switch up any look is with a pair of earrings.  They come in a variety of colors and shapes.

I have collaborated with Sasee Chic to help everyone create a stylish look.  Sasee Chic is the newest affordable online boutique that believes in confident women.

The saying goes, when you look good; you feel good.

Wearing Precious Earrings with Denim Jacket

Felicia Todd, owner of the boutique shipped the Precious and Ava Earrings.  Both were well-made and appeared exactly as photographed on the website.

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