South Moon Under Spring Fashion and Accessories

There’s something about the photos (below) that made me excited about dressing for warmer weather!  It’s time to transition out of faux fur and into those maxi dresses!  I like South Moon Under because their brand truly epitomizes my individual style.  Their clothing’s on trend, laid back, but most importantly, it’s well-made.


Yes, the prices are a bit different from other retailers but I am the type of girl who will wear a maxi dress several times before donating.  My favorite dress should not start ripping at the seams or (even worse) the zipper breaking.  The store also has “cool kids” accessories such as Kate Spade Sunglasses, Flash Tattoos, Beauty Blender Sponge, and Spanx Panties.


I like to wear fedora hats, jumpsuits, hoop earrings, and denim skirts.  Dressing for me is about what I want to communicate during that particular time.  My body frame is petite (short girl) and due to this you will rarely see me wear flared pants or dolman sleeve tops.  Having great style is about wearing what makes you feel comfortable and understanding what works for your figure type.

Enjoy the coupon below (click on the photo) and start updating your Spring wardrobe today!


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