Style Loft Boutique – Layered Lady Top and Jeans Review

Transitional clothing, what does that mean? Wearing a garment that’s meant for one season but incorporating that particular item into your current wardrobe.  Purchasing a camisole shell can be a great wardrobe staple regardless of the season. It can be worn by itself with a pair of slacks or layered underneath a cardigan.

Camisole shells also style well with delicate accessories such as studs and hoops.  Lastly, they can be worn to work, brunch, or cocktail hour.



I adore the Layered Lady Top shown above because of the shoulder fit, v-neckline, and flare at the waist.  The fabric content (silk/polyester) compliments the design of the top and color (winter white) can enhance any item bottom in my wardrobe.

Style Loft – Layered Lady Top

I decided to wear this top with a pair of jeans for a casual look; but can also be worn with a pencil skirt and booties!

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Quick Style Tip –

Daytime: Wear a bra that’s the color of your skin tone.

Nighttime: Wear a black bra for a cheeky look!


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