Must-Have Gifts This Season – Holiday Guide

Take a look at the Holiday Gift Guide – Artis, Tata Harper, Dermalogica, PHYTO, The Beachwaver Co. and Bosley Professional Strength have you covered this holiday season with something for everyone on your list!


NEW! Artis Digit Collection ($185 for Digit 5-Brush Set including Digit Linear 1, Circle 1, Oval 4, Oval 3 and Oval 6; $375 for Digit 10-Brush Set including Digit Linear 1, Linear 1 Demi, Linear 3 Demi, Circle 1, Circle 1R, Oval 3, Oval 4, Oval 6, Oval 7, Oval 8):

Beautiful, luxurious and like a piece of art, Artis, the leading creators of high-performance beauty tools, have something for every beauty lover on your list, and this season the digital world gets more beautiful. First introduced as a limited edition 5 -Brush Skincare Set earlier this year, the moment is here to experience Digit for flawless makeup application, further changing the way makeup is applied for unparalleled, remarkable results. Shaped like a finger that is bent during application to a surface, this totally ergonomic shape helps Digit brushes feel completely comfortable in the hand, while orienting the fibre bundle so it easily applies makeup products to the skin. The dual finish handle fits into any aesthetic by offering a soft pearl finish on the top, and a mirror finish on the bottom of the handle. Artis brushes are made exclusively with CosmeFibre, a revolutionary engineered fibre made for applying cosmetic and makeup products. Available exclusively in 5 and 10 Brush Makeup sets, these ergonomic brushes are housed in portable zippered cases, complete with interior mirrors for ease of on-the-go makeup application, just in time for holiday travel.


NEW! Artis Gold Palm Brush ( $75.00)

Launching in gold for the holiday season (yes, I know, we read your minds), the Palm brush has many application uses, such as: foundation, concealer, setting powder, blush, self-tanner, moisturizer, sunscreen and sunblock. This ultra-minimalist product is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, providing unique application control. Shortening application time by applying and blending makeup and cosmetic formulas over the face and body with a few gentle gliding and/or circular movements, this tool may also be used to apply skincare formulas and continue that glowing complexion all year long.


TATA HARPER THE MULTI-MASKING COLLECTION ($178 at; Collection includes 30ml/1oz Resurfacing Mask, Purifying Mask and Limited Edition Honey Blossom Mask)

Following on the multi-masking trend bandwagon, this trio addresses all of your skin concerns & incorporates all of your multi-masking needs. The Resurfacing Mask provides instant glow, the Purifying Mask deeply cleanses and the Limited Edition Honey Blossom Resurfacing Masks boosts hydration. This collection is the ultimate beautifying mask trifecta.

  • Resurfacing Mask: For instant glow, use a thick layer of the Resurfacing Mask over the entire face, neck and chest. Leave for 15-30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  • Purifying Mask: For a deep cleansing treatment, use a thick layer of the Purifying Mask over the entire face. Leave for 15-30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.
  • Honey Blossom Resurfacing Mask: For a boost of soothing hydration, use a thick layer of the Honey Blossom Mask over the face, neck, and chest. Leave for 15-30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  • Tata’s Tips: For healthy, radiant skin, try Tata’s 3 step multi-masking routine. Step 1: For instant glow, apply the Resurfacing Mask over the entire face. Step 2: For a deep cleansing treatment, layer the Purifying Mask on your t-zone. Step 3: For an extra boost of hydration, apply the Honey Blossom Mask on the neck and chest. Leave all three masks on for 10-20 minutes, then rinse with cool water.


Dermalogica® Power Rescue Masque Trio($59 at

Trio of problem-solving masques to treat and target multiple skin concerns. Use individually to address specific concerns or “multimasque” for a targeted treatment.

Set Includes

Charcoal Rescue Masque

Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque

Skin Hydrating Masque

For The Glamorous: THE BEACHWAVER CO.:


The Beachwaver Co. Beachwaver S1.25 Ceramic Rotating Curling Iron ($129 at

Another new addition to the award-winning line of hair tools, the S1.25 has been seen making waves behind the scenes at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This larger barrel width was created for women with longer hair who want voluminous blow out beachwaves. The new Beachwaver® S1.25 offers the same high-quality professional results as the Beachwaver® Pro, with the same user-friendly features from the S series. Key benefits include a heat range of 290° – 490°, lighter 5.5” ceramic barrel length, 1.25 barrel width, arrow button for rotation control, 8 foot swivel cord, ergonomic handle, beveled no-kink clamp, fast/slow speed switch and a home button.

For The Parisian-Beauty Lover: PHYTO:


PHYTO PHYTOELIXIR Intense Nutrition Mask ($59; 6.2 fl oz. at

This indulgently rich mask melts into a luxurious hair rescuer that transforms even the driest, most porous hair. Narcissus flower wax, a beauty powerhouse envelops hair in prodigious nourishment. Macadamia oil, extremely rich in essential fatty acids, replenishes hair lipids with the promise of new suppleness and radiance. It is encapsulated in chronosphere designed to offer continuous release to the hair, protecting it against the recurring drying-out process. Hair is infinitely soft to the touch and totally manageable. Light-as-hair formula is suitable for all hair textures, even the finest hair.



Bosley Professional Strength BosRevive Kit For Non Color-Treated Hair ($41.95 at

Bosley Professional Strength BosRevive for Non Color-Treated Hair 3-Step System Starter Kit (BosRevive Nourishing Shampoo for Non Color-Treated Hair 5.1 oz, BosRevive Volumizing Conditioner for Non Color-Treated Hair 5.1 oz and BosRevive Leave-In Treatment for Non Color-Treated Hair 3.4 oz) is formula for those with “visibly thinning hair and excessive hair loss” to rejuvenate and recondition fragile miniaturized hair and scalp. LifeXtend Complex formulated to inhibit DHT build-up and provide anti-aging protection.