International supermodel, activist, and philanthropist Naomi Campbell welcomes Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award-Winning Actor, Singer, and Songwriter Cynthia Erivo to “No Filter with Naomi” – a limited-time series under her highly popular “Being Naomi” YouTube channel. The intimate, live-streamed series has invited fans to #stayhome and save lives during this critical time and has focused on in-depth, career-spanning conversations between Naomi and a close group of her friends including designers, musicians, actors, beauty gurus, and media personalities.

The series debuted on April 6th and has since featured guests Cindy Crawford, Marc Jacobs, Nicole Richie, Ashley Graham, Pierpaolo PiccoliLee Daniels, Christy Turlington, Adut Akech, Sharon Stone, Paris Hilton, Serena Williams, and Venus Williams, Karlie Kloss, Anna WintourSean “Diddy” Combs, and Jackie Aina. 

The “No Filter with Naomi” series returned after hiatus on June 23rd and featured a select group of episodes focused on impactful conversations dedicated to #BlackLivesMatter, social justice issues, racial and human inequalities. These critical conversations, reflective of our times, included featured guests: Opal Tometi, Rev. Al Sharpton, Alphonso Reed, Cleo Wade, Bethann Hardison, Tyler Mitchell, Indya Moore, Chase Strangio and Tori Cooper.

WHO: International Supermodel, Activist, and Philanthropist, Naomi Campbell

WHAT: YouTube exclusive series- “No Filter With Naomi” featuring guest, Cynthia Erivo.

WHEN: August 18th, LIVE at 3 pm EST

WHERE: Streaming live on Naomi Campbell’s YouTube Channel. View all “No Filter with Naomi” episodes here. 


During the last episode of America’s Next Top Model Season 23 contestants performed a full photo shoot for Paper Magazine.  The shoot entailed everything since the beginning of the competition.

To make the final episode special, the entire cast was invited to walk in the last runway show. Fashion styling and designer couture was provided by The Blonds.



Cory Anne was the first contestant to be eliminated.  This left Tatiana and India as the final two contestants. Tyra Banks also made an appearance and assisted the judges during the selection process.

India became the winner for the entire competition. America’s Next Top Model series is an example of not only having a distinct look but the ability to work under pressure and produce quality work. Where you surprised by the ending? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Watch the full episode here: The Final Countdown

Side Note:  I truly enjoyed watching the show and it’s a great role model and learning tool for those interested in becoming apart of the fashion industry.  A lot of people were skeptical because this was a new network and panel.  But, the judges had diverse fashion careers and really mentored each contestant (without tearing them down). The photo shoots were amazing and artistic.  Personally, I am looking forward to watching next season!

America’s Next Top Model Season 23 Episode 13 Recap

Rimmel London was the focus behind this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model Season 23. The models were expected to perform as an ambassador for the company.  They were judged on brand awareness and makeup application on their partner.


Rita Ora expressed that being a spokesperson is about personality, technique, and the ability to sell a product.

As a result, Cory Anne won the Rimmel London spokesperson challenge. The company surprised  (both) Cory Anne and India with a visit from their mom.


Drew Elliott directed the second challenge, which was a Rimmel London commercial.  The models highlighted Scandalize Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner.  Both products were showcased in the rain while Courtney’s facial expression conflicted with the video shoot.

During elimination, the panelist expressed the importance of “branding” while representing a cosmetics line. Courtney was eliminated from the competition.

Watch the full episode here:  Brand Like A Boss


And Action!  Was the title for episode 12 of America’s Next Model Season 23. The contestants received theatrical tips from acting coach, Susan Batson and actress, Adrienne Moore.

They were expected to learn emotional tapping to enhance fashion related videos and commercials. The second challenge included a video shoot; the models started out looking gorgeous and evolved into a mad, emotional shift.  Tatiana had difficulty with the acting aspect and struggled throughout the video challenge.


During elimination, India and Courtney had an amazing “Crazy, Beautiful” video; Cory shared an emotional secret.  Cody was eliminated from the challenge and stated, “This is only the beginning!”

Click here to watch the full episode:  And Action!


America’s Next Top Model Season 23 Episode 10 Recap

On Wednesday night’s episode of America’s Next Top Model Season 23 the contestants participated (in both) a celebrity feminist initiative and emulated iconic women.

Model and Activist Amber Rose requested the girls to create a PSA for the “Slutwalk” Movement. Cast members where asked to develop a video that empowers women to have control over their sexuality.

In the second challenge, contestants emulated women that have influenced Pop Culture, Fashion, and Entertainment.  Cory Anne struggled to take on Beyonce’s persona and Paige was expected to become Brittany Spears.  The most difficult persona was Tatiana becoming Tyra Banks, founder of the show.


During elimination, the panelist expressed that several of the contestants were “too comfortable” and wasn’t pleased with the photo results.

Paige was eliminated from the contest and Rita Ora stated, “This is not the end of your career as a model.”  Watch the full episode here: Platform Power

America’s Next Top Model Season 23 Episode 9 Recap

America’s Next Top Model Season 23 changed from its normal weekly schedule, airing on Wednesday nights. The change gave viewers the opportunity to catch-up on the challenge and select their favorite contestant.

“The Comeback” episode started with a subtle twist.  Panelist arranged for eliminated contestants to return for a chance to win the competition.  The challenge included contestants learning a set of dance steps for a video with French Montana.

All of the contestants worked hard to master the moves resulting in Justine fainting.  She was rushed to the hospital.  Kyle also returned to the competition and served as a distraction to Marissa.

Unfortunately, Marissa did not successfully perform the dance steps or model the costume.

The episode concluded with Marissa being eliminated from the competition.  Tash returned due to the panelist believing she has what it takes to become a top model.

America’s Next Top Model Season 23 – Episode 1 Recap

America’s Next Top Model returned for a new season in New York City.  Rita Ora served as the host for this season’s challenge along with co-hosts Ashley Graham, Drew Elliott, and Law Roach.

After years of being a fan of the series, I was excited to see a new panel. Each panelist provided guidance and mentorship to the contestants.  ANTM Hosts also shared expectations of each model along with insight into the fashion industry.

ANTM Recap:

Last night’s episode was an introduction of each contestant; sharing their background and taking photos for the first challenge.

I enjoyed the selection process and uniqueness of each contestant. There was also a range of (beauty) diversity from natural hair, full eyebrows, and a set twins.

The selection process was not based on being a pretty face but the ability to become a fashion brand.  What does that mean? Contestants should exemplify the concept of having beauty and brains!

To watch full episodes, click here:  Business, Brand, and Boss 



CFDA Awards 2016 – Red Carpet and Winners

Last night was The CFDA Awards 2016.  Celebrities graced the red carpet wearing plunging necklines, chiffon dresses, and tailored pantsuits.

Beyonce shocked fans and the fashion industry once again, being honored with the Fashion Icon Award.  This is no surprise for our website because the “Lemonade Queen” has so many diverse looks!  Additional highlights and winners include:

Marc Jacobs – Womenswear Designer of the Year

Gucci, Alessandro Michele – International Award

Thome Browne – Menswear Designer of the Year

Imran Amed – The Media Award
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