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Azumi:  Stylish Japanese restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel with sushi, seafood, steaks, sake & cocktails.

I want to share some of the delicious restaurants in this area.  Baltimore is really a melting pot of various cultures which means the food can be amazing!  I love to cook for my family but there are moments when we want to taste something different.  The term different could mean sushi, afghan cuisine, authentic italian, or whatever suits our taste buds for the evening.  I contribute this interest to my husband; he’s an adventurous eater and has a wide taste palate.

Naturally, I grew up in the deep south and love comfort food.  Nothing can replace a creamy sauce or peach cobbler but I’m also intrigued by cultural dishes.  It gives me the experience of integrating into someone else’s culture and lifestyle.  I consider myself a lifelong learner and find people to be very interesting.  I enjoy knowing the purpose behind certain meals, cutlery used, and the fashion worn during specific ceremonies. This could also be due to teaching a Cultural Foods course many years ago (prior to blogging.)

I will share more of the dishes I like to eat and hope that you will try them as well.  Also, tag me (on social media) in your favorite restaurant or food choices!

FullSizeRenderLeaving the Grillfire | The Hotel at Arundel Preserve