Bedroom Trends That Are On Point For 2018: Home Decor Tips

There is nothing better than wearing the top style trends for 2018. You also know that being proud of your home is a must, and keeping up to date on all the latest trends isn’t always easy.

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How often do you look around your bedroom and wish you could completely change it out? It’s such a personal space to be stood in that you want it to look right. Everyone has different levels of comfort and while some want a popular mattress type, others want to have a firm or memory foam mattresses that are more supportive. Some people like pale yellows for the walls, while others prefer geometric patterns. Some people like pale yellows for the walls, while others prefer geometric patterns. The bedroom is where we spend the least amount of money compared to the kitchen and the bathrooms, but 2018 is the year for change – even in these last few weeks! Here are some of the trends that you could follow for the last bit of the year, setting your bedroom up for an amazing 2019.

Dark Colors. Think plum, mulberry, and navy for bedrooms in 2018. It’s all about the darker colors that really shout sumptuousness and relaxation. Duck egg blue and pale yellows have no place in the bedroom when these brave color choices can make your bedroom the perfect haven. Dark throws on the sheets in lieu of dark walls can still add that sensual atmosphere.

Color Splashes. Splashing color across the bedroom in the form of tropical prints against the darker walls and blankets can make a huge difference. The bolder colors are beautiful when they are accentuated against the darker tones.

Natural Textures. In 2018, natural textures are king. Rattan pieces in the bedroom are making a huge statement because it’s durable, stable and it just looks great! Hand-woven beds, furniture in different thicknesses for distinctive shapes and colors that vary in rattan (well, they stay natural in color but different contrasts) can make your bedroom stand right out.

Wabi-Sabi. It’s a trend that we’re touching on now, but there is a real trend for fashion that is less than perfect. The technique is to use concrete walls with a decorative crack through the middle. Mismatched sheets and throw pillows and textiles that just don’t quite fit are so fashionable now. Keep it simple and use bright colors on dark to create contrast. Something a little imperfect can remind you that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be comforting.

Tech Detox. Remove the TV. Remove the smartphones. Remove all technology from the bedroom and make it a zone for reading. Your bedroom being on trend means making it a tranquil sanctuary!

Your bedroom in 2018 can be on trend with a little thought and shopping. Choose the best colors and materials and make your bedroom stand out from the crowd.

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