BioHarvest: First – Ever BioFood

BioHarvest, a brand that has pioneered a way to provide the benefits of red wine, in one convenient zero calorie packet: VINIA red grape powder.


What is it really? VINIA is the first-ever biofood (a new kind of superfood) and is free of sugars, calories and alcohol

How do you consume it? Mix the red grape powder in anything you would normally eat or drink (oatmeal, yogurt, water, smoothies, salads, etc.) for a wellness boost

VINIA is now available for purchase in a 30-day supply box for $149.99 at Or, consider purchasing a reoccurring subscription for $119.99/month. I’ve included topline key information for VINIA below for your reference.

VINIA™ Key Facts:

  • One serving contains a similar amount of Resveratrol as found in 1,000 grapes or 1 bottle of fine red wine
  • Supports blood circulation, healthy arteries, and blood pressure already within normal range
  • Comes directly from the Avnir red grape; contains NO artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives

About BioHarvest

BioHarvest, a consumer health care innovator, has pioneered a patented breakthrough platform technology to produce the first-ever superfood sub-category, known as “biofood,” made from the essence of fruit and vegetables and cultivated into a fine powder. The company’s flagship product, VINIA, is made from red grapes, and offers many of the benefits of red wine without sugars, calories, or alcohol. BioHarvest uses a clean production process – no solvent extraction used, non-GMO, free from fungicides, pathogens, pesticides and any other residual chemicals.