Yara Shahidi: Brand Ambassador For Bobby Brown Cosmetics

Yara Shahidi is one major breakout star!  Her character on the television show Blackish is witty and fresh.  In her personal life, she’s known for being proactive and representing a voice for her generation.

All of those qualities alone would make her the perfect brand ambassador for Bobby Brown Cosmetics.  The cosmetics line is expanding its foundation shade range.  Yara stated in Allure magazine, “I’m excited about being in partnership with Bobbi Brown. I have used Bobbi Brown for photo shoots [and] on set, so it’s been a lovely pairing indeed.”

Yara seeks to educate the beauty industry on the topic of representation and broaden everyone’s view of beauty.  According to Bobby Brown Cosmetics, “The brand has added 12 new options to both ranges, bringing the final count for both foundations from 30 shades to 42.”

To make this collaboration even more fantastic, the brand recruited several girls from across the globe to test and try the new foundation shades.

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