Boss Vibes: Self-Esteem, Success, and The Art of Etiquette Book Review

Are you ready to awaken the BOSS inside of you?  With the emerging entrepreneurial spirits and new business endeavors, there’s a vital need for personal branding.

Author, Nita Patel shipped me a copy of the book Boss Vibes.  The title alone was intriguing; it immediately sparked my interest.

Boss Vibes Background Details:

Boss Vibes takes a witty look at every aspect of etiquette (or what author Nita Patel defines as the meaning behind the manners), and why it’s better to do things this way than that, how behaving appropriately makes you a better person and improves the world around you, and why perfecting your brand will help you get ahead without sacrificing your authenticity—or benefiting at someone else’s loss.

In an authoritative and humorous style, Patel will make you think, as she covers some of the following topics—
• How what you wear brands your image for better or worse
• Building a public profile that will boost your personal confidence
• Workplace wisdom to boost your career
• The dual arts of conversation: talking, listening, and body language

What did I learn from reading Boss Vibes?

The chapter titled, Sassy or Classy describes what your clothes say about you and how to dress appropriately for every occasion. A few tips included, “the little black dress is a legend for a reason:  It can always be dressed up or down.”  Also, the author discussed tips for men and added a piece about grooming.

Personally, I enjoyed the Boss Vibes Never-Evers because Nita addressed concerns that are often overlooked.  For example, when attending a conference, always admit if you can’t remember someone’s name or be sure to use the individual’s name twice in a conversation to make a connection.

Nita Patel wrote a chapter for Teens titled, Simple Steps Lead to Greatness.  One starter tip included, make eye contact when you talk to someone.  I couldn’t agree more with that statement!

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Nita Patel is a speaker, author, and artist who believes in modern etiquette as a path to becoming our best selves.

Schooled in London and a veteran of corporate America, she has 20+ years in technology leadership and nurturing teams toward confidence and impact.