Dr. Brandt 3-D Filler Mask at Sephora

[youtube height=”720″ width=”1280″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DYfVRoBfKw[/youtube]

brandt® skincare is excited to announce its collaboration with Kristofer Buckle, a celebrity makeup artist beloved by Hollywood’s A-list. To kick off­ this exciting initiative, Buckle – one of the most sought after contour experts in the business – will star in a how-to video that highlights the newest trend in beauty: contouring without makeup. A game-changing technique made possible by dr. brandt skincare’s latest innovation, needles no more™ 3-D Filler Mask, it allows you to reshape, revolumize and fill facial contours, for a more youthful look.

THE INSPIRATION: Dr. Brandt believed that the convexities and concavities of the face – and the way light reflects off them – play a major role in revealing our true age. By changing the way light bounces off the face, needles no more™ 3-D Filler Mask makes it look naturally younger and more attractive. The formula melts into skin to enhance cheekbones and create dewy highlights. It’s what the art of contouring is all about, yet works without layers of product.

THE TECHNOLOGY: A unique, skin-plumping formula inspired by the latest injectable fillers, needles no more™ 3-D Filler Mask restores lost volume and fills in wrinkles and folds for a softer, lifted, more youthful look. Packed with Adipofill’in a revolutionary plumping complex, combined with hyaluronic acid (the key ingredient in dermal fillers, which absorbs its own weight in water to pull moisture into the skin), and rejuvenating peptides, the self-sculpting blend counteracts the classic downward droop that comes with age. Use it daily for a noticeably smoother, softer, more refreshed look — or anytime you want to lend your face youthful dimension and a healthy glow.

JUST IN TIME FOR THE NEW YEAR: Filled with invaluable contouring and anti-aging tips that anyone can use, the new Kristofer Buckle/dr. brandt skincare video will premiere on youtube and at drbrandtskincare.com. Now available at drbrandtskincare. com, needles no more™ 3-D Filler Mask will launch at Sephora in January 2016.