Product Review: JoJoba Antioxidant Hydrating Mist and CapriClear Coconut Oil Spray

Hydrating, Antioxidant, Sensitive to Skin, Dermatologist Formulated…all of the words that describe JoJoba Mist and CapriClear Coconut Oil Spray.  I received both sprays in the mail for a product review.

My skin care regimen includes using a quality cleanser and moisturizer before bedtime.  I decided to replace my normal face lotion with the JoJoba Antioxidant Hydrating Mist.  Honestly, I can’t live without this product!  It’s a light face mist with an all natural scent.  My skin had a radiant glow with the appearance of leaving a spa appointment.

JoJoba Hydrating Mist
JoJoba Hydrating Mist

The CapriClear Coconut Oil Spray (just like the name) is 100% all natural ingredient.  I like to use this product on areas that need restoration such as the scar on my leg or the stretchmark on my thigh.  I’m still actively using this product for results and it’s the perfect after shower spray.

CapriClear Natural Moisturizing Spray
CapriClear Natural Moisturizing Spray

It can also be used daily (as many times as you like) fragrance free and hypoallergenic.  Both products fit in your handbag or cosmetic pouf to ensure you’re ready for hydration or skin moisturizing.  Visit or

JoJoba Hydrating Mist:

Pros – Light Mist, Hydrating, Natural Ingredients, Beautiful Glow

Cons – Mid – range in Price

Capri Clear Coconut Oil:

Pros – Natural Ingredients, Scar Removal, No Residue, Reasonable Price, Beautiful Glow

Cons – Unscented