Three Top Tips For Building A Sustainable Wardrobe 

Over the past few years, fast fashion has taken over the clothing industry. Instead of concentrating on well-made, long-lasting investment pieces, many popular retailers instead sell poorly constructed garments made from inferior synthetic materials for an extremely low cost. The design of these clothes is often trend-led, meaning that they quickly become dated after only a few seasons and are subsequently discarded. However, the toll that fast fashion is taking on the environment is quickly becoming evident, as well as the poor working conditions and wages of the people employed in making fast fashion clothing. If you would like to help in the fight against fast fashion, read on for three top tips for building a sustainable wardrobe.

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  1. Buy second hand

Instead of buying into fast fashion, you could instead buy your clothing second hand. Do not let the fact that these clothes are pre-owned put you off – you don’t necessarily have to spend hours going through a smelly $1 sales rack at Goodwill (although you can find some gems here if you are willing to put in the work). If you know exactly what it is you are after, try searching for it on an online sales platform such as eBay. You can find some real bargains here, with a lot of clothes being either brand new or only worn a handful of times. Alternatively, you could look at specialist vintage clothing dealers, who will be able to provide you with a unique and sustainable piece of fashion history.

  1. Shop from ethical retailers

If you do decide to buy an item of clothing brand new, make sure you buy from an ethical retailer, such as An ethical retailer will use fabric obtained through sustainable sources, such as recycled fabric, and have the items sewn in an ethical environment that pays workers fairly for their labor. They may also seek to reduce the air miles involved in producing the garment and avoid using materials that could potentially involve putting an animal through pain, such as angora. This information is often readily available on a sustainable retailer’s website so that customers have complete transparency about business practices and manufacturing methods.


  1. Create a classic capsule wardrobe

As much as fast fashion is trend-led, you could avoid this pitfall by creating a wardrobe based on classic pieces that will always look chic, rather than constantly chasing after the lastest trends. Garments such as a white t shirt, well-cut pair of jeans, and little black dress can be used to create many different looks suitable for any occasion; however, what garments you choose to include in your capsule wardrobe will depend on your own personal style – you might consider a leather jacket indispensable, whereas someone else might prefer a beige mac, for instance. Buy items that are well made and the best that you can afford on your budget. This way, you are unlikely to need to replace them after only a few wears.

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Chenille Dream Cardi from Soft Surroundings Transitional Piece: #OOTD or #WIW

There’s something about building a Capsule Wardrobe that makes every woman smile.  It’s the essence of knowing that basic pieces in your closet can be mixed and matched.

Soft Surroundings launched their new Spring Collection just in time for the seasonal change.  The retailer has transitional pieces such as Trench Coats and Cardigans that can be included in everyone’s capsule wardrobe.

Layering a cardigan over a midi dress or tunic is a chic way to stay warm and fashionable.

The Chenille Dream Cardi has an ultra soft texture with a classic fit.  I wore my cardigan over a leopard shirt and pair of distressed jean leggings.

Visit your local Soft Surroundings to view more of their luxe style sweaters and cardigans!



One Tribe Apparel White Peacock Kimono – Global Inspiration


It’s almost time to transition our closet for cooler temperatures.  Creating a capsule wardrobe is the best solution to this change.

What is a capsule wardrobe?  It’s classic pieces that can be worn several seasons. The concept is that one can look inside their closet and create multiple outfits with only a few select pieces.

I am an advocate for capsule wardrobes because they make clothing organization easier. One can also dress faster with this type of wardrobe.  There’s no fuss or the age-old question, “what should I wear?”

One Tribe Apparel shipped a beautiful White Peacock Kimono as part of their Boho Kimono Collection.  The company seeks to create clothing for travelers through art and fashion.

I’m incorporating this beautiful Kimono (transitional piece) into my Fall capsule wardrobe. Take a look at the White Peacock Kimono below:

Can also be worn with booties
Can also be worn with jeans



Dressing According To Your Body Type

Featured Red Pumps from

Fashion can be a whimsical experience. There are a variety of accessories, fabrics, styles, and designs. But, one of the most important style tips is to dress according to your body type.  How can you discover your body type?  See the example below:

Knowing your body type allows you to purchase clothing based upon the direction of lines and patterns. It also serves as a guide when buying shapewear to camouflage targeted areas such as the  stomach, hips, or thighs.

The first step to dressing for your body type is to getting the right measurements and selecting your physical shape.  Your shape is either an Hourglass, Pear, Apple, Inverted Triangle, or Rectangle.

Another fashion tip is to find a style icon that’s based upon your body type and remix their wardrobe. For example, Jennifer Lopez is a “pear” and Queen Latifah has an “apple” shape.


Pear Body Type
Amazon – DREAM PAIRS Women’s D’Orsay Style Pointy Pumps Classic Stiletto

The next step is select clothing that will compliment those areas and wear accessories to accent the total look:

  1. Hourglass – Tailored Clothing, Cropped Jackets, Wrap Dress, Dark Colors, Pencil Skirts, and Mid-Rise Pants
  2. Pear – Bright Prints, Embellished Tops, Dark Colored Pants, Bold Earrings, and High Heels
  3. Apple – Plunging Neckline, Tunic Shirt, Tailored Blazers, and Platform Wedges
  4. Inverted Triangle –  Empire Waist Tops, Large Belts, Full Skirts, Boot cut Jeans, and Stilettos
  5. Rectangle – Flowy Tops, A-Line Skirts, Skinny Jeans, Flats, Heels, and Fitted Blazers.

Dressing according to your body type can be tricky but with the right attire you can have a timeless, capsule wardrobe.