Prepare the royal jet! Coming 2 America is finally arriving, with Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall and an all-star cast of returning and new faces—including Jermaine Fowler, KiKi Layne and Bella Murphy. It’s been more than three decades since the beloved original Coming to America hit theaters and became a true cult classic that has spanned multiple generations and demographics. Now, in the ESSENCEMarch/April issue triple cover article, The Fresh Princes of Zamunda, Regina R. Robertson talks to the cast about why this was the right time to do the sequel, their fave moments and what the film means to the culture:

  • EDDIE MURPHY ON WHAT THE FILM MEANS TO THE CULTURE: “Coming to America is one of my films that has really worked its way into the culture. People get dressed up as the characters for Halloween, and they still walk around saying catchphrases like ‘Sexual Chocolate.’ So many people grew up with Coming to America and have a lot invested in it, so I didn’t want to taint that…Once the ideas started coming together, it took about four or five years to get the script all the way right. Once we got it right, I knew it was time…”

  • ARSENIO HALL ON DOING THE SEQUEL: “A lot of people have posted about Coming to America and said things like, ‘Please don’t mess with my movie’ or ‘I don’t want no sequel!’ We’ve been pitched all kinds of ideas, but I remember reading the script in Eddie’s backyard and it was all making sense. That’s when I knew that this was going to be the sequel…”

  • KIKI LAYNE ON PLAYING MEEKA: “Meeka is loyal to her family. I’m interested in showcasing strong Black women— and being a part of this film was an opportunity to play in such a classic world and also to work with straight-up legends, all the way around…”

  • BELLA MURPHY ON PLAYING OMMA AND WORKING WITH HER DAD: “Omma is super-smart, a little bit of a badass, and she’s super-cool. Being able to do my first film with my dad is really special…I’m over the moon…”
  • JERMAINE ON PLAYING LAVELLE—AND WATCHING HIS DREAM COME TRUE: “In some ways, Lavelle reminds me a lot of myself when I was growing up and trying to figure out life. As a fan of the original film, I was honored to be a part of this whole world—but when they told me how Lavelle becomes part of the story, I just laughed my ass off and thought, All right, let’s do it…”  
  • SHARI HEADLEY ON WHAT AUDIENCES WILL LOVE: “I’m as excited as the audience and have no doubt that this will be a film that people will love. I’ll venture to say they’ll love it even more than the first one…”

  • WESLEY SNIPES ON JOINING THE FILM: “I was like, ‘Whatever the role is, I want to be in it.’ Later, I was told that I was going to be a General—but really, I could have played a zebra and been just fine…”

What Are COVID-Safe Nose Accessories? Look Stylish and Mask-Friendly

We talk a lot about makeup and masks as the fashion world is trying to get to grip with safety measures. If you were a heavy makeup wearer, you’ve probably realized that your face mask and foundation are not made to work together. As a result, many makeup artists have come up with alternative solutions, such as creating an exciting and bold display using your eyes only. A quick search for #maskmakeup on Instagram can give you plenty of inspiration to get started. 

Featured Photo from Harper’s Bazaar

However, your eyes are only one of the things you can play with. When you wear a mask, the upper third of half of your nose is exposed, depending on your mask’s size. In other words, there is plenty of room for a stylish nose accessory that is COVID-safe and mask-friendly. 


Glasses are a no-brainer

They sit comfortably on your nose bridge, enhancing your eyes while bringing all the attention to a small area between your eyebrows and the bridge of your nose. 

Two things every fashionista should remember about glasses during the pandemic: 

Number one: Glasses will keep your eyes protected from moisture droplets, which contact lenses can’t do. 

Number two: Glasses can be incredibly stylish. You can find designer pairs online that don’t break the bank and suit your face, as seen in a previous article on Style Life Fashion. It’s fair to say that contact lenses can’t compete with the fashion bonus you get from a quirky pair of glasses. The only thing you need to remember is to buy an antifog spray. The combination of face mask and eyewear can be unpleasant without the helpful spray! 

In short, glasses keep you safe and stylish! What more can you ask for? 

Get pierced just above your mask 

As mentioned, your mask reaches above your nostril. This leaves your nose bridge visible, so why not make the most of it? You can easily research bridge piercing, learn more from Urban Body Jewelry, to find out if it is a style for you. In essence, your nose bridge is the smallest part of your nose just between your eyes. This is where you would rest your glasses if you had a pair. Contrary to common belief, you can wear glasses with a nose bridge piercing. However, experts recommend switching to contact lenses during the healing period. 

Typically, a piercing in the area will show two small balls on each side of the bridge if you opt for a curved barbell item. But you can find other types of jewelry. Two shiny dots above your masks will turn a few heads! 

An elegant cuff

Are you not sure about a piercing? You can experiment with a bridge cuff while you make up your mind. A nose cuff is a fake ring you place on the nose bridge. With no piercing required, it’s a playful item that lets you try out a new style without commitment. The nose bridge is one of the most understated areas. When you’re wearing a mask, the nose bridge is the only place where you can wear an item of jewelry that would stand out. 

The advantage of a cuff is that you don’t have to worry about potential risks of infection. When you wear a mask, you create a warm pocket of air that makes a favorable terrain for skin bacteria spread. That’s what maskne is about! The nose bridge could get warm and sweaty, which would encourage rubbing or scratching. If you’re worried about touching your piercing with your fingers, a cuff is a safe option for now. 

Fake rings

Now is not the best time to get a nose ring. If you have to wear a mask for an extended period, your nose piercing would be underneath the cover. Maskne, as mentioned, is a risk to take seriously with a new piercing. You don’t want acne to develop in the area as it could slow down the healing process. However, if you want to add a nose ring to add an accent when you remove the mask, a fake ring is a hygienic alternative. 

Stay away from jewelry that extends beyond the mask

You might have been considering an intricate piercing project before the pandemic, such as a nose chain. A nose chain is typically a double piercing, nose, and ear, linked together with a chain. The chain could reduce the mask’s protection, causing the mask to be loose where the chain hangs. While risks are minimum, it’s best to stay on the safe side for now! 

In conclusion, while we’re going to be wearing masks for the foreseeable future – finger crosses: not for long ! – you can have fun with nose accessories that create a COVID-safe style. With plenty of mask-friendly accessories, you have a variety of options to create a new look while wearing a mask. 


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ESSENCE, the number one media, technology and commerce company serving Black women, announces the 3rd annual Woke 100 List—its salute to women of color challenging the status quo. Featured in its November “Woke” issue, this year’s list features 100 women who exemplify the true meaning of being change agents and power players and are inspiring communities around the world. ESSENCE’s Woke 100 List showcases visionaries working in areas from social justice, politics, sports, business, activism, entertainment and more, including Simone Biles; Gayle King; Lizzo; Niecy Nash; Bethann Hardison; Beverly Bond; Aunjanue Ellis; Jada Pinkett Smith/Willow Smith/Adrienne Norris; Ava DuVernay; dream hampton; Mayor Lori Lightfoot; Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Jahana Hayes and Rashida Talib; and many more. For the full list of honorees, visit ESSENCE.com.

ESSENCE’s entire “Woke Issue” is dedicated to stories reflecting activism, political reform, human rights, and social justice. Articles include Free at Last, which features interviews with Cyntoia Brown and Alice Marie Johnson; both released from prison after public outcry and now on a mission to reform the criminal justice system. In addition, ESSENCE’s cover story Enchanting features Queen & Slim star Jodie Turner-Smith—who delivers a powerful performance in a timely tale about the community’s fraught interaction with law enforcement.

“ESSENCE’s November issue demonstrates our commitment to showcasing the incredible strides that Black women are making globally,” said MoAna Luu, ESSENCE Chief Content & Creative Officer. “Each year, ESSENCE’s Woke 100 list highlights the movers and shakers who are taking a stand and making a difference where they are. Whether on the national stage, the boardroom, political arena or the classroom, we applaud their continuous efforts to not only inspire others but also to affect change.”

Nia Long Protective Twist Braids: Photo of The Day

Nia Long showcased her new summer hairstyle. We all remember the days of mom braiding our hair for the warmer months.

It was a protective style and you knew better than to sweat out your braids when playing outside with your favorite cousin!

That reason alone is why this picture gives us “all the feels” and her perfectly laid edges are icing on the cake.  Nia Long will always be a 90’s favorite and epic actress for our time!

Ladies, what’s your favorite protective hairstyle?

Photo Credit: Instagram

Ciara Wilson New Pixie Haircut: Photo of The Day

Ciara has stepped into her own and has a new haircut to prove it!  She was seen attending the ACE Awards wearing high-waisted trousers and diamante top.

The Beauty Marks singer accepted the Style Icon Award.

Photo Credit:  Instagram

People Magazine | Actress Tami Roman and Reggie Youngblood Get New Spinoff Special Tami Ever After

Deadline recently announced that Actress, Comedian, Host, Social Influencer and TV personality, Tami Roman (MTV’s The Real World and VH1’s Basketball Wives LA), inked an overall deal to develop and produce alternative and scripted content with prolific producer, Mona Scott-Young and Monami Productions.

The first project from the powerhouse executive producing duo, Tami Ever After, debuts on VH1 Wednesday, June 19th and was just announced via People Magazine. The special highlights Roman’s relationship with longtime boyfriend, Reggie Youngblood and blends his hilarious and entertaining family from Houston, TX with Roman’s popular and charismatic daughters.

Additional series include ensemble cast docu-follows, “Queen City” and “Big Oil Houston” as well as several scripted and formatted projects. Roman and Scott-Young are focused on expanding their slate beyond unscripted and committed to bringing their productions to Houston where Roman and her family maintain a residence.

“You know, I have grown a lot over the years, and I want my presence on television to be positive and uplifting,” she added. “I want real women with families who have ups and downs to be able to relate to me and feel inspired and empowered knowing they can push through anything.” – Tami Roman

Elizabeth Hurley Attending The Hot Pink Party Wearing New Diva Diamond Ring and Rugiada Emeral Earrings by Gismondi1754

Host Elizabeth Hurley arrives at The 25th Breast Cancer Research Foundation Hot Pink Party wearing New Diva Diamond Ring and Rugiada Emerald Earrings by Gismondi1754.

GISMONDI1754 Rugiada Earring 15 ct Emeralds & 11.50 ct of White Diamonds New Diva Ring 20 ct White Diamond Ring

Photo Credit:  GISMONDI1754

Instagram: @Gismondi1754

Styled By: Ann Caruso @ann_caruso

About Gismondi 1754:

Seven Generations – One Passion. The excellence and expertise of the Genoa-based high-jewelry brand renowned for jewelry as art, Gismondi combines centuries of craftsmanship and rich history of design over seven generations. With meticulous attention to modernity and references to the artisans of the past, it is a perfect link; connecting the memory of the past and the radiant future. In Gismondi jewels, the manufacturing excellence of the family tradition combines beauty with passion and technology under the leadership of its youngest family descendent, Massimo Gismondi. Gismondi 1754 is sold in the US and globally at fine jewelers as well as in its signature stores in Portofino, Genoa, Capri, Milan, London, and St. Moritz.

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