How To Mix & Match: Find the Perfect Outfit

Finding the right color for your outfit is no easy task.  You have probably read a thousand articles online telling you what works which makes it even harder for you to get the best results out of your wardrobe.

Use a Color Wheel

A lot of people talk about colors that compliment each other, which may lead you to believe that you should use colors that are similar to one another. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Black and white for example are actually classed as being complementary colors. This is why they look so great together and as they say, opposites do have a tendency to attract. Every color out there has a color that compliments and for this reason, you may want to try to use a color wheel. When using a color wheel you will quickly see the colors that work well and this is a great way for you to spice up your outfit.

Get Inspiration Online

You may find a top and jeans that you like as well. The problem is that when you put these items together, you may find they just don’t work. If you want to avoid all of this then it helps to look at the clothes that models are wearing. This will help you to know what style they are utilizing so that you can then apply it to your own wardrobe. Buying full outfits online is a great way to know if something is going to work and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to get a deal online. If you don’t want to buy online because you are worried that the clothes won’t fit, simply go to stitch it and they can alter it for you.

Black and White is Your Friend

Neutral colors can really go a long way. If you want to mix colors but you are not sure if it is going to work then black and white is a brilliant way for you to stay safe. If you don’t want to go black and white then consider opting for colors such as white with beige or even grey. It does help to opt for colors such as brown as well, as this will help you to stay neutral while also making a very strong fashion statement. Long coats in beige or grey are also great and this is especially the case when you pair them with jeans and even some black boots as well.

So it isn’t easy to find the perfect wardrobe, but shopping for you and not for trends, you can be sure to find something that makes you feel more confident. Remember that jeans can work with just about anything and that black pants can work with nearly every single top out there. If you want to branch out, use the above tips and even use a color wheel as well.

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Beyonce: The Fashion Chameleon – Achieve The Look

It’s no secret that Beyonce is a fashion chameleon. This woman can look glamorous wearing a sequin bodysuit (for shows) to dressing in street style with a hipster hat on Instagram.


To pull off a combination like the one below, the secret is to find a dominate color and select additional pieces within the same color family. Personally, I like eclectic design of the first look, mixing textures and prints. Bey also made this style sexy by cinching the waist with a belt.


The second and third photo gives us a lot of style and personality with garments in the same print (top and shorts) while adding a hat for quick style.  With simple accessories in our wardrobe such as hats, belts, and funky nail designs anyone can achieve this look – fashion is fun!



Mariah Carey’s Closet and Wardrobe: All That Glitters Is Gold

Mariah Carey has one of the most GORGEOUS closets with her shoes, handbags, and dresses organized in a beautiful formation. 

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey

From her pink pumps, marble flooring, and crystal chandelier lighting this closet is a “glamorous dream.”

Mariah gave us a glimpse into her fashionable world when she shared photos of her wardrobe.  I think every woman aspires to have a beautifully, well organized closet simply because it allows us to find our items, mix and match, and care for our precious clothing.



This closet is amazing and the photos (in this post) prove: all that glitters is gold!

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