Choosing an Engagement Ring: Jewelry that Suits Your Style

Have you been tasked with choosing your own engagement ring? This can be disappointing, as it takes the surprise out of the whole engagement process. However, for some women it’s a dream come true! You know that you’re going to love this special ring, and you’ll have something that suits your style forever and ever. Here’s how you can choose an engagement ring that suits your style:


Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring
Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring

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Look at Skin Colour, Hair Colour, and Eye Color

Jewelry is beautiful, but it sometimes doesn’t look as good on us if we don’t take our coloring into account. Some jewelry will pop against certain skin types, but others will look dull. Look at your skin color, hair color, and eye color to work out what suits you most. You can find this out by doing a simple search online. There’s loads of information out there to help you! Some jewelers may be able to give you similar advice too. Try Whiteflash for engagement rings in Houston where you’re likely to get professional advice.

That being said, if you find out gold suits you best but you don’t like gold, you don’t have to go with it. Go with the metal you’ll be happy wearing forever. It all boils down to what you like!

The kind of clothes you wear the most could dictate the engagement ring you choose. Let’s say you love shopping for vintage clothing. A vintage ring would look amazing when paired with all of those vintage finds! If you like dressing classy and sophisticated, then a classic style engagement ring would suit you. If you like fashion that is quite ‘out there’, you may prefer an abstract design with colourful stones. Don’t go for a classic style just because you think you should. Go with something that will suit you and the things you wear most.

What Type of Thing Would You Like to Wear Forever?

Remember, you’re going to be wearing this ring forever. If you’re going through a phase with the colour black at the moment, you may not want to choose an engagement ring with a black stone. It’ll be different, but you might like pink next year and blue the year after. Don’t choose something where you think the novelty might wear off in the next few years. Make sure it goes with the rest of the jewelry you enjoy wearing most of the time.

Ask a Friend

Why not take a friend engagement ring hunting with you? They can tell you what they think suits you best. It can really help to have the outside opinion of somebody else!

You could even take your husband to be with you to give you his opinion. As this commitment is about the special bond between the two of you, it makes sense for him to have a say in the ring he buys for you. Even if you simply make a shortlist and he chooses from it, it’s better than him having no involvement.

Good luck!