Christopher Schafer Clothier Interview with Style + Life + Fashion

Style + Life + Fashion interviewed Seth Schafer from Christopher Schafer Clothier located in Baltimore, Maryland.  Seth joined the business in 2013, leaving his own mark on the fashion industry.


He has been featured in the Baltimore Business Journal as well helping the team to win RAW Awards Baltimore’s Best Fashion Designers 2013. 

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What inspired you to become a menswear designer?

My father was the biggest inspiration. He opened my eyes to the industry and really took me under his wing. Since working with him I have developed my own style in how I design clothing.

In your opinion, what makes your studio and collection unique from any other brand?

Our studio is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. My father and I are both musicians and we have a full stage setup in our studio. We enjoy playing music after a long day. He is a drummer and I’m a bassist. We have a different ambiance compared to most places. We are located on 1400 Aliceanna Street in a two hundred year old warehouse. The juxtaposition of a vintage building with modern luxury suits really works for us. We are really active in the community as well. We recycle gently used suits and give them to gentleman who have been recently released from prison. The goal is to dress them accordingly to give them a better chance at landing a career. More info can be found at

What are some of your greatest accomplishments as a designer?

I was named Baltimore’s Best Tailor by the City Paper in 2014. I also was awarded 40 Under 40 award from the Baltimore Business Journal.

What’s your favorite accessory from the collection?

We just finished up a ton of new ties that are made from vintage silk. They all are beautiful but one particular paisley tie has been my favorite!

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Honestly, how many suits do you own?

I have all the staple suits of a wardrobe. The navy solid, grey solid, charcoal herringbone are essentials in anyone’s wardrobe. I have about 15 suits. I recycle my older suits and give them to our Sharp Dress Man program. I would have a much bigger wardrobe if I kept all of my suits, but the enjoyment of telling a gentleman that the suit I’m giving them was mine personally is an awesome feeling.

Do you have any advice for anyone that’s interested in becoming a menswear or fashion designer?

I would recommend spending as much time as you can meeting people in your industry. They can help refer business and teach you things about the business. I personally think it makes you a better designer if you can help recommend other people for your clients needs.

What’s in the future for Christopher Schafer Clothier?

Right now we are rapidly growing here in Baltimore. The vision is to have a shop in Los Angeles and London.


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Interviewed by Kimberly West