Fall Fashion 2014 – Essentials That Every Girl Needs

The leaves are shades of burnt orange and yellow, and the weather seems to be getting nippier each time we leave the house. This can only mean one thing: Fall is here! As well as eating buckets of pumpkin soup and drinking milky cinnamon beverages, I’m dressing for the occasion too. It isn’t quite winter, so you could possibly get away with wearing less layers, still managing to show off a nice bit of shape in your outfits. The following bits are essentials that every girl needs during the Fall:


Fall Fashion Plaid Shirt

A Chunky Scarf

A chunky scarf is a must during Fall, especially if you don’t plan on wearing a big, cosy coat. Luckily for you, scarves look great with just about anything, especially if you can wrap them round your neck a few times to get a nice layered look.

A Cape

I don’t mean a cape like Batman – this isn’t about Halloween! I mean a fashionable, blanket style cape. There are all kinds of styles out and about today, especially Navajo styles. They add a lovely layer to any outfit and an element of interest. Simply throw over your favourite jeans and shirt combo, or wear over a skirt and tights. Ladies like Beyonce  have been known to be fans!

Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee boots are sure to keep you toasty. In fact, many fashion bloggers are wearing theirs with a long jumper and bare legs! You might be a little chilly at first, but I’m sure you’d get used to it after a while. You might want to wear shorts under your jumper too – just in case!

Plaid Shirt

The plaid shirt is a laidback fashion staple for Fall, just as it has been all year. It’s another great layering piece that can be worn with just about anything. Throw it over your favorite t-shirt, or wrap it around your waist to add a grunge feel.

here’s another plaid shirt that I like: sheer plaid shirt

Longline Blazer Jacket

The longline blazer jacket is a good jacket choice for those slightly warmer Fall days. They are very smart, so perfect for a job interview, meeting, or just a day in the office.

Thick Tights

With thick tights at your disposal, you can wear anything you want. Shorts, skirts, dresses, you name it. You won’t be cold, and you’ll look very chic indeed. No need to throw out your Summer wardrobe when you can make it work for Fall!

Cozy Jumper

Of course, we all need a cosy jumper during the Fall to snuggle up with. Cropped jumpers are everywhere at the moment, and they look fabulous with a skirt and tights. However, you could also get a long jumper as mentioned before to wear with some over the knee boots. High neck jumpers are all the rage this season!

If you have these items in your wardrobe this Fall, you’ll never get chilly. You’ll never run out of things to wear, either! Simply interchange these items for a different looking outfit each time. What do you think of these fashion essentials? Leave a comment with your thoughts!