How to Clean Shearling Boots: A Winter Must Do!

I was doing my usual drop off at the dry cleaners when I noticed a sign stating, “We clean Ugg boots.”  This sign stood out to me because I own a pair of shearling boots and after last year’s “wear and tear” there was a big stain on the top of my boots.

As a frugal person, I had no plans of getting rid of my favorite winter boots.  But most importantly, my boots are super comfortable and perfect for running errands with my boys.  I decided (at that moment) to drop off my boots at the local dry cleaners.


The guy at the dry cleaners explained the process for how they are cleaned.  He stated, “we send them out…they get cleaned…and they’re repainted.”  I felt like it was worth trying because ultimately, my boots needed to be cleaned and I was looking forward to wearing them.  After two weeks, I picked up my boots and they looked pretty good.

The dry cleaners even placed them in a white shoe box and stuffed them with pink tissue paper (which made me smile.)  I wanted to share my experience because how many times have we purchased a pair of shearling boots and never have them cleaned.

I also found an article on Pinterest giving us steps on how to clean them at home; the steps listed below are originally from

1. Use cold water to lightly moisten the outside of the boots only. Do not submerge them in water.

2. Dilute a cleaner appropriate for leather to form a solution of one part cleaner and one part water.

3. Apply solution to a wet sponge and gently clean boots’ outer surface. Rinse with clean sponge dipped in cold water.

4. Stuff boots with paper towels or newspaper to hold shape and dry out of direct sunlight or direct heat. Direct sunlight or heat will cause shrinkage.

5. Brush boots with a suede brush or lint-free towel to restore the nap.

I encourage anyone, before you decide to discard your favorite boots, take them to the dry cleaners or remove the stain yourself.  After all, they’re comfortable, cute, and well worth the extra care!

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