Game Day Style: Turning The Security Line Into A Runway

No one likes waiting in long lines and sporting events are notorious for them, especially when thousands of fans are moving at a snail’s pace to enter a stadium before a game.

There’s a good reason for that  — heightened security, which includes stadium officials checking the insides of purses and backpacks. While that’s a comfort for fans, the human logjam can also create quite an inconvenience. For Deni Sciano, an avid sports fan stuck in line for hours when a playoff game started, it created an opportunity to speed up the security process— as well as a stylish new way for women to show support for their favorite teams.

Sciano’s clear handbags, called the Game Day Clear Collection (, are her solution. These sporty purses of passion and fashion meet stadium security requirements for NFL, NCAA, and high school stadiums, allow for a much quicker security look and are available in all major and college team colors.

Key features of the Game Day Clear Collection handbags are:

* Machine-stitched seams — not heat-sealed — for strength and durability.

* A sturdy, 45-inch cross-body chain and D-RIngs on either side for dangles and keys.

* The bags are garnished with rhinestones and featuring Sciano’s signature style that blends polka dots with team colors.

* A matching, slim interior-privacy pouch for sunglasses and credit cards, along with the convenience of a clear event-ticket pocket for quick scanning at the event.

*Quality metal hardware on every bag, which is built to last by being crafted with the thickest polyurethane.