Increase Savings with Dryel Cleaning Solution: Consignment Shopping

Summer has ended and the kids have headed back to school.  That means it’s time to re-evaluate the household budget.

One way to increase savings is by reducing the amount of dry cleaning services.  Many people are not aware that dry cleaning can be harsh, timely and expensive.

There’s a solution to this household concern.  Dryel is an at-home solution that’s easy to use and convenient.  This product can be picked up during your local Target run or online from Amazon for an reasonable price.

There’s several advantages to using Dryel instead of laundry services:

  • Dryel reduces fading, shrinking, and stretching.
  • Dryel ingredients do not contain harsh chemicals.
  • Dryel does not require the use of expensive machines.

After a day of consignment shopping, Dryel was an easy option that removed dirt and debris from my new items. They were placed on a hanger after 15 minutes with the use of Dryel products.

To learn more about Dryel products and use, click here.

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