Madewell Shopping Party hosted by Taliah Ferguson of Fashion Was Here

As a blogger, there’s nothing like the feeling of networking with those in the industry and living your passion.  Last thursday, I attended the Madewell store shopping party which was hosted by fellow, local blogger Taliah from the site Fashion Was Here.


For those that may not know, Madewell is a brand extension (sister store) of the J. Crew company.  The store was launched to attract a younger, hipper crowd while holding true to the company’s style which is chic and comfortable.

This was my first time visiting the boutique and I was impressed with the quality of the clothing and the accessories.




Honestly, my personal style is more on the lines of being “Preppy” with a touch of “American Classic” and a hint of “Hollywood Glamour.”

So you’re asking, what does all of that mean? I love basic t shirts, blazers, oversized sunglasses (the bigger the better) pearls, and jeans.

When I entered the Madewell store, it had all of the components that would make up my wardrobe but I decided not to get distracted because I was there for a store event (being professional.)

While attending the event, the store provided drinks and treats, a 20% off discount on all merchandise, and prizes.  But, the fun aspect of the night was the style challenge.

During the style challenge, participants were placed into groups and asked to create a style based upon the guidelines of the store/host.


Everyone wanted to win this challenge! Fashionistas raced around the store in search of clothing and accessories to fit their mannequin or model.

With all of the great displays, it was hard to judge the contest!


Overall, this was a fun event and a great opportunity to meet other bloggers, photographers, and local “fashion lovers.”

Additional Photos from The Event


He did a fabulous job assisting the Host


Grabbing a quick picture of Taliah


Fellow Blogger, Teena (from Fashion for Breakfast) participating in The Style Challenge


Posing with fellow blogger from the site Corner Curl Girl

instagram pic showing the shoes I wore that night