The Matte Collection: New Cafe Brand-Customizable Kitchen

Last week I was invited to attend a media brunch and view The Matte Collection, fully customizable kitchen.

The brand has incorporated innovative technology and style into the design of kitchen staples. After speaking with the company representative, she stated that the new wall ovens can cook a whole chicken in 15 minutes!


The Cafe Distinct By Design kitchen offers an array of metal knobs and handles in brushed bronze, brushed stainless, brushed copper and brushed black.  Cafe is the first appliance brand that allows you to switch out the hardware on your kitchen appliances, bringing an unprecedented level of luxury and personalization to an affordable price.

The ability to change out hardware is fascinating!  What fashion-conscious women wouldn’t like the option to personalize her kitchen?  Another aspect about the collection is that the stainless steel finish is smudge-proof.  That particular feature makes an aesthetic difference, especially if you have little hands in your home.

To learn more about The Matte Collection, click here.