Who: Danielle “Dani J.” Jamison known as Danielle from Vh1 Black Ink Crew Chicago.

What: Dani J. fashion show is an event in which local Chicago designers are selected to showcase their clothes to the press in general public. It is unique to any other fashion show because each look is personally picked out and styled by Danielle. Hence the phrase “styled by Dani J”.

This went will take place at The Promontory in Chicago, on September 17, 2017.

Why: Dani Created “styled by Dani J” fashion shows as a means to create an in your face, and visually appealing experience. She already has a blog (iamdanij.com) so for her, hosting fashion shows was the best way to bring her passion to life. Chicago is so underrated when it comes to fashion so to be able to bring different designers and boutiques together under one roof, every piece picked out by Dani, styled by Dani, is what the DaniJ brand is all about.

When: Summer Collection Fashion Show & Day Party will start at 6 P.M. on September 17, 2017 at The Promontory 5311 S Lake Park Ave Chicago, IL