Diamond Lighthouse – Jewelry Buyer and Seller

Have you ever considered selling your diamond earrings or that antique bracelet you inherited years ago? If so, Diamond Lighthouse is the perfect solution!

How It Works:

Diamond Lighthouse works with reputable jewelry vendors and dealers to find the best offer for your diamond.  And once the diamond has been shipped to the company, clients can monitor the process from a portal; allowing you to see where the diamond’s located at all times.

Company History:

Diamond Lighthouse was created by the brilliant minds behind Diamond Dynamics, a company founded in 1993 by Chaim Lax. Chaim’s passion for diamonds began with his role as a diamond cutter, where he learned the fine art of cutting stones to perfection. That deep knowledge of diamonds followed him in his pursuit of the corporate world thirty years later. He established a company that deals with the entire diamond process from the rough diamond, to cutting and polishing, and all the way through to the sale.

Choose Diamond Lighthouse for your diamond selling needs because of their expertise, experience, security, and guaranteed value of the diamond.  
Diamond Lighthouse

Learn More:

Trusted member of Better Business Bureau

Flat Commission (10% on diamonds over 1 carat)

Offering the lowest price margin

Anonymous control over sale of diamond

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