What Makes A Diamond The Most Worldwide Gem

Diamonds are known worldwide to be a gem possessing exceptional physical qualities. Of all the bulk materials of the world, diamonds have the highest hardness. Therefore, their properties give them the capability to be the best for polishing and cutting tools. Thus, diamond knives have come into existence.

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Most diamonds were formed in the mantle of the Earth at depths of 93 to 155 miles down. Due to the high temperature and pressure at that level of the Earth’s mantle, minerals were dissolved by carbon-containing fluids. The minerals were then replaced with diamonds. Volcanic eruptions carried diamonds to the surface depositing them into igneous rocks.

Since diamonds are the hardest of all the gems, they last longer without being damaged in any way.

Diamonds are different from the other gems because they are formed from a single element. Since the other gems are created by a combination of two or more elements, they are compounds. The uniqueness and the long-lasting ability of diamonds gives them more value.

Where are Diamonds Found?

Diamonds have been discovered throughout the world in 35 countries. The major producers of diamonds are in Botswana, Russia, and South Africa, but the major industrial producer of diamonds in Australia. Africa possesses the most famous and remarkable deposits of diamonds.

In the United States, diamonds have been found in Arkansas, Colorado, and Wyoming. These are the only states to have a conformable diamond source. At this time, there are efforts going on to find other potential diamond sources. One reliable source of beautiful diamonds would be Diamonds Forever San Diego Jeweler.

The Refining Process of Diamonds

The diamond stones are removed from the material that holds them as they are mined from the earth. All the diamonds don’t have the same quality. Seventy-five to eighty percent of the diamonds have a quality that makes them more suitable for industrial use. The industrial quality diamonds are sold in bulk to companies that manufacture precision instruments and tools that are diamond-coated.

The raw, finer quality diamonds are separated to be used as gems. These gem-quality stones are then grouped by size. The larger gem-quality stones will receive special treatment which will make them more valuable.

When the gem-quality diamonds finally reach the cutting table, they will undergo a series of steps. On the cutting table, a rough diamond stone is changed into a valuable faceted gem.

In order to change a rough diamond stone into a faceted gem, the following steps are followed:

  • Planning – The diamond manufacturers make decisions about how a specific rough diamond will be cut.
  • Cleaving or Sawing – In this step, a diamond manufacturer may separate a rough diamond into pieces. Each piece will be finished as a separate gem. The sawing process of a rough diamond may be used by a manufacturer. With the sawing process, a rough diamond is cut into pieces through the use of a laser or diamond saw.
  • Bruting – The objective of this process is to shape two diamonds into a round stone. This process is done by placing each of two diamonds into a spinning axle. The two spinning axles will turn in opposite directions in order to grind them against each other. The result is two round diamond gems.
  • Polishing – The facets are now cut into a diamond. Once the facets are cut, the diamond gem is polished.
  • Final Inspection – The diamond is examined to determine its quality.

The Colors of Diamonds

A perfect diamond has no color or hue since it is both chemically and structurally pure. However, diamonds are nearly never perfect. It is the chemical impurities or structural defects that give a diamond color. The value of a diamond is determined by its color. The rarer the color; the more the diamond is worth.

For example, red diamonds are the rarest diamonds, and they, therefore, have the most value. The more yellow hue in white diamonds, the less value they have. On the other hand, blue and pink diamonds can be more valuable.

Various Cuts of Diamonds

The cuts of diamonds are as follows:











Hopefully, you are now an expert of diamonds. You know where they come from, how they are processed by manufacturers, the style cuts, and the most valuable colors. Now, you can make your purchase of a gorgeous diamond for your special occasion.

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