Get Moving This Fall With All New Activewear From D’IYANU

Activewear in the 1980s brought us neon leotards, the 1990s bestowed us with nylon puffy pants, and the 2000s are marked by the popularity of yoga pants. But for Nigerian-born entrepreneur Addie Elabor and her fashion line D’IYANU, activewear is more than just a set of passing trends – it is a form of expression throughout everyday life.

In their boldest move yet, D’IYANU’s first-ever Activewear Collection is set to launch on November 8th with pieces ranging from $29.99-69.99.

For the African-inspired collection, Elabor and her team have explored innovative designs using jersey knits and nylon to create electric and eye-catching pieces.

From jersey shirts to hoodie sets and matching bra/legging sets to windbreaker jackets, the versatile collection will seamlessly add color and comfort to everyday looks.


D’IYANU’s African-Inspired Collection: Slip Into Autumn With Modern Pieces

Fall marks the most exciting time of year for fashion designers across the globe. For Addie Elabor, Nigerian-born entrepreneur who founded D’IYANU, her 2019 Fall Collection was designed to honor hardworking people who embrace fashion as a defining statement.  “D’” meaning ‘of’ in French and “IYANU” meaning ‘miracle’ in the Nigerian language of Yoruba,  Elabor’s unique designs combine traditional African prints with chic styles for women, men, and children. Her vibrant fall collection highlights earthy tones of the season, featuring shades of red, blue, orange, and turquoise that empower personal expression that seamlessly transitions from the office to dinner party.

With modern pieces ranging from $39.99 to $99, this autumn lineup empowers trendy professionals who are ready to take on the beauty of the season.