Emerging Style and Fashion Icon: The New Duchess of Sussex

At this point, everyone knows that Meghan Markle is the Duchess of Sussex.  Her wedding gown and accessories spoke volumes to the world. Many people argued that her dress was understated and lacked proper fitting.

From this viewpoint, she wants to be seen as an elegant part of society. Meghan is not represented to become a form of entertainment or visual walking accessory.  She’s here to make an impact and exemplify her own cultural beliefs.

Last week, I decided to recreate the above look from my closet.  She was featured in Gritty Pretty Magazine wearing a similar outfit.  I gravitated towards the photo because not only is Meghan a woman to watch but her personal style is undeniable.

She mixes classic pieces with a touch of minimalistic influences.  I think in the coming years we will enjoy watching her grace into her role of being English royalty and an emerging style icon.