Double Circle Channel Bracelet: Elegant Jewelry Piece

There’s a process in mind before I select a piece of jewelry.  I like to access my wardrobe and take into consideration the items I already own.  A few simple questions I always ask myself include, “will this make a complete set and how will I style this item for an upcoming event?”  

One piece of jewelry that my collection did not have was an elegant tennis bracelet.  I typically like to wear classic pieces that will accent a pair of studs or hoops.  I wanted a tennis bracelet that had clarity with a well made clasp.  

Bracelets are one of my favorite accessories because it’s small in size and can be layered with more than one piece.  Anjolee shipped a beautiful Double Circle Channel Bracelet.  The band arrived in a secured wooden box, which is great for storage.  I was pleased with the bracelet because it was the right length for my wrist and the diamond cut was round.  

One important fact about Anjolee is that the company specializes in hand crafted diamond bracelet designs with precious metals and gemstones.  This makes their jewelry affordable with the use of state of the art technology.  

Lace Blouse:  Express | Lipstick:  Anastasia Beverly Hills | Watch:  Michael Kors | Diamond Bracelet: Anjolee

I wore the Double Circle Channel Bracelet to my son’s preschool graduation.  It was elegant and layered nicely with my watch and charm bracelet.  

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