How To Make More Ethical Fashion Choices

Ethics are important in all aspects of life, but they’re especially important when it comes to a form of consumer culture. Fashion could be considered through this lens, as it is ever-changing, and the industry makes use of materials that must ultimately be manufactured and handled.

Ethical fashion, thankfully, is becoming more and more of a fixture,  and not just a trend. Of course, that’s not always the case. Some still decide to wear furs, even though we all know that the cruelty to animals exhibited through these products is questionable at best. That being said, this post is not here to judge or point the finger at anyone. Like anything, you can be more effective in making a change when you focus it on yourself, and consider your own habits and practices. 

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So, how can you begin to make more ethical fashion choices? Moreover, how can these choices remain sustainable, and relevant, and part of your schedule? After all, ethics are not something you ‘grow out of’ or become bored by, but are a commitment you must make. With the following advice, you’ll see how and why:

Shop For Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Shopping for cruelty-free makeup is a great place to start. As beauty is often the most fundamental aspect of designing your outfit for the day, it can be worthwhile to get this right. Do you know if these items are sustainable? Are they well-sourced? Are they vegan? If you can answer yes to those questions, then you’re quite literally supporting the business that can continue in a conscience free manner. You don’t have to pay the moral price for beauty in 2020, and that’s a fantastic thing.

Buy Used Clothing

Buy used clothing. You can find worthwhile older threads with vintage appeal through apps such as Depop. In some places, Instagram stores can connect you to small-time sellers hoping to push an aesthetic or style. This can help you make a new home for items you like the look of, and that helps it avoid being thrown out or given to landfill. In a way, this helps you continue the natural life cycle of items that deserve respect. It helps you celebrate the past of fashion by making it new. That’s a great place to start.

Check The Source

It can be extremely instructive to vet the source of your fashion purchases. What does this brand say about their values, and how transparent are their sources? Do they have controversies in the past? It could be that only sourcing your purchases through brands you can trust and that have spoken on their practices with full transparency will help you support those companies really do appreciate. After all, the strongest way to vote is with your wallet, and diverting those funds to practices you wish to see. Also, be vocal about your appreciation! Brands need to know the growing size of the ethics-based market.

With this advice, we’re certain you can make much more ethical fashion choices.

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