4 Things All Beauty Pros Should Know About Lash Extensions

Beauty trends from across the years have included the 1970s, where sleek, long hair was so popular many women turned to their ironing boards and hot irons to achieve the silky-smooth look. The 1980s saw a skincare revolution. Questionable beauty and fashion choices were made during the 1990s; think matte brown lips and heavy black liner. In the 2010s Botox was all the rage. And now, lash extensions are experiencing their own moment in the beauty trend spotlight. Here’s what all beauty professionals should know about the popular trend.

Lash Materials

Lash extensions are made in a variety of materials that are suited for any budget. Celeb beauty gurus often use mink lash extensions for their clients. The fibers to create the lash extensions are gathered during the brushing of a mink and give eyes a flirty, natural look. These types of lash extensions are generally the most expensive, costing up to $500 per set. Alternative luxury lash extension styles include silks and synthetics. These fibers have a darker pigmentation, which makes them best for bold looks and special occasions. Polybutylene terephthalate material (PBT) fibers, which are lightweight and flexible, are another lash extension option. They are heat-treated, which gives them the feel and appearance of mink or silk, faux mink or Siberian mink.

Classic Versus Volume

Classic lash extensions are a one-to-one; this means that one lash extension is applied to a single mature natural lash. Volume lash extensions consist of specially handmade fans of two or more lightweight extensions. This style of lash extension offers clients a more fluffy, full appearance. Lash extensions will last from about three to five weeks, depending on a client’s natural lash sheds. It is normal and healthy to lose between one and five natural lashes each day.

Blending Lashes

Each client’s lash needs will be unique. Mixing length, thickness, and curl are essential to giving your client a look that is soft, feathery and most importantly, natural looking. Understanding the different curl types will also give you an edge when applying for lash extensions. For natural looking lash sets be sure to match the extension types to the client’s own lash curl. And remember, at any point in time your client’s lashes will be at different stages of growth. This ranges from new growth, or what is called the anagen phase, to fully formed lashes, which is known as the telogen phase. Texturizing lash sets will prevent harsh, unnatural looking lines.

Bold Lash Looks

Mink-style lash extensions will give your clients the most natural look, kicking up the drama just a touch for a subtle glam look. For clients who want to go bold, consider silk or synthetic lash extensions. These varieties offer a darker finish and a velvet sheen that give eyes a more dramatic look, without sacrificing natural softness. For clients searching for the boldest look be sure to recommend volume style lash extensions. Additional ways to create a show-stopping look is to incorporate colored lash extensions. Great for alternative styles and unique occasions, lash extensions in royal purple, deep navy blue or electric green can give a boost the wow factor of your client’s lash look.

Your clients will have a lot of questions about lash extensions. Make sure you know the facts when it comes to this popular beauty trend.